New Product Launch: Site Owner Manager for SharePoint



Every SharePoint Administrator has struggled with this at one time or another. Hundreds of sites… who is responsible for each site? Who can a user reach out to for questions on content and permissions? Invariably sites get more than one user with full-control permissions – but who among those is really responsible for the site – and how does a user find out who they are and how to contact them?

As an Administrator – wouldn’t it be great to have a dashboard that shows you every site in the farm and who the current owner is? What happens when an owner leaves the company or role – how do you know they are no longer active? And how about contacting all of those site owners to let them know about outages, maintenance and upgrades?

Site Owner Manager solves these problems! I invite you take a look at the solution – It can be setup in minutes and instantly producing results. Download the free 15-day evaluation today! Easily upgradable to the full version buy purchasing a license.


Enhanced Document Upload for SharePoint 2013 Released!

Hi everyone! I am very happy to release the SharePoint 2013 version of my popular Enhanced Document Upload solution. You can download the new version from here. Like its 2010 counterpart, this version seamlessly integrates with the native SharePoint upload experience – so your users don’t need to learn any new commands or steps to upload and tag their documents.

Here is a short video of the solution in action:

(Recommend you view in full screen and HD for best experience)

Check it out – and as always I appreciate your feedback and comments.

On Deck: Enhanced Document Upload for SharePoint 2013

Hi everyone. Busy week on the blog. Finishing it up with my progress on the SharePoint 2013 version of the Enhanced Document Upload solution. Like its 2010 counterpart this solution enhances the native multi-document upload experience in SharePoint – allowing you to manage and set required fields for multiple documents as they are uploaded. The 2013 version leverages and seamlessly integrates with the native drag-and-drop upload experience. I feel this is very important – in many cases the best solutions are the simplest and most transparent. No need for a complicated UI when a simple one will do. The solution also includes the Common Properties Editor so you can bulk change and check-in items at any time.

Some early screenshots:

Above: Dropping 3 files into a Document Library

Above: After the files are uploaded the common/required fields are presented

Above: The EDU is processing and checking in the newly uploaded items

Above: The final result

I expect to release the solution within the next week or so. Pricing and support will be identical to the 2010 version ($299/Farm with yearly maintenance and support for $1000/per license). If you have any questions about this new version please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Chatter for SharePoint: DreamForce ’13 Attendee Discount

Are you attending DreamForce ’13? Looking to integrate Chatter with SharePoint? I have the solution for you – and 20% off retail! Email me a picture of your badge (or you with Sassy or Chatty will do) and I’ll send you a link to purchase Chatter for SharePoint for just $79! Same discount applies to the support and maintenance – attendee priced at $800/year per license. Offer is good until 12/1 so hurry!

Want to try Chatter for SharePoint? Download the 15 day FREE evaluation from here. Enjoy DreamForce ’13!

* Offer valid for new purchases by DF13 attendees only beginning on 11/15/2013 and ending 12/1/2013.

Chatter for SharePoint Released!

Hi Everyone! Great news – Chatter for SharePoint has been released. In addition to minor fixes this release includes the new EasySetup install method. If you have already installed Chatter for SharePoint nothing changes for you – everything will work as before. If you are new to Chatter for SharePoint you will have a much easier experience getting CFSP up and running. Why? I’ve eliminated the most complex part: Setting up SalesForce! This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get SalesForce Chatter integrated with SharePoint.

Check out the new one-sheet EasySetup Guide. Seven simple to follow steps and within 5 minutes you will be up and running.

What if I want to customize the installation you say? Absolutely! I’ve updated the User Guide with even more instructions and useful information.

As always I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. EasySetup came about from a user suggestion. Have an idea to make Chatter for SharePoint even better? Now is the time to let me know. Version 2.0 development is underway. I have a ton of new features going into the next major release.

Thank you for using Chatter for SharePoint!

Who’s using Chatter for SharePoint!

They say you’re only as good as the company you keep. By that standard, Chatter for SharePoint is in good company indeed. Here is but a small sample of the fantastic organizations using my software.

On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint Roadmap & EasySetup

Hi Everyone. The march towards the next milestone begins. Development on the 2.x codebase has begun. Still looking at between 3-4 months of development time before we have usable code but the feature list has been locked down and preliminary work has begun. I will be sharing more details of 2.x over the next month so look for more updates soon. Office 365/SharePoint Online support is on the roadmap for 2.x.

But before then we have several significant releases of the 1.x codebase in the pipeline. A feature of the 2.x codebase is going to be delivered early in the form of a new install program and a Zero Configuration Setup. So what does ‘Zero Configuration’ mean? Think Staples Easy Button™. No SalesForce setupNo Connected Applications to configure… just install, add the web part to a page and you’re done in less than 5 minutes. This method is great for those who don’t have administrator access to SalesForce or who don’t want to go through the manual setup process. If you already have a connected app setup don’t worry – everything will still work as normal. This is just a great way for new customers to get Chatter for SharePoint installed and running as quickly as possible.

Above: The new EasySetup utility.

Above: Screenshot of new solution installer in action.

Look for this and more updates soon. Thanks for using Chatter for SharePoint!