Chatter for SharePoint 3.0 – Development Update

Hi Everyone! The wait is nearly over. The next major release of Chatter for SharePoint is only a few weeks away! This is by far the most significant update yet – adding many new features and performance improvements. As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest challenges was updating all of the feed logic to support the newer Chatter API format. All of those changes are now complete and this will lead to even more functionality in the future.

Here are just some of the improvements and changes:

  • Adds support for Chatter REST API versions 32 and higher
  • Adds new Rich Text Editor; disabled by default in version 3.0
  • Adds support for displaying and composing rich-text feed posts and comments
  • Adds support for displaying additional record types: Events, Tasks, Calls
  • Adds support for uploading and displaying multiple files in posts
  • Adds support for uploading an attachment when posting comments
  • Adds user influence details to user-action menus
  • Adds support for using Chrome/Firefox and the user-agent ClickOnce authorizer
  • Adds support for Muted feed and the ability to mute or unmute feed items
  • Adds sort order control to information panel
  • Adds indicators for edited posts and comments
  • Adds feed view counts
  • Up to a 50% performance improvement when loading the web part and performing feed actions
  • Improvements to branding and UI components
  • Following Feed renamed to ‘What I Follow’ to align with Chatter Web UI
  • Updates to feed layout to better align with Chatter Web UI
  • Support for latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Additional improvements to caching and asynchronous page loading
  • Significant application refactoring
  • Fixed missing UI translated resources
  • Improvements to EasySetup and related utilities

And some screenshots – because everyone loves screenshots:

The Feed Web Part

Support for rendering rich-text posts

Support for uploading and displaying multiple attachments

Share/Find options in context-menus in addition to the ribbon

I am targeting to release the on-prem version on or before March 15th. Solution is going through testing and documentation changes now. Subscribers of my SharePoint Online solution will start to see 3.0 in their TEST instance by the end of March.

The on-prem 3.0 release supports SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019*. Existing customers under maintenance can upgrade to 3.0 at no charge – but you will need a new license key. Pricing remains the same as the 2.x version for new customers or those not under maintenance. Contact me with any questions or concerns. As always – thank you to my customers who continue to invest in this solution; I truly appreciate it.

*Support for SharePoint 2019 limited to Classic Experience sites only.

Just Released: Chatter for SharePoint 2.5

Hi Everyone! I am pleased to announce the release of Chatter for SharePoint 2.5! This release focused on improvements to the configuration storage. Gone are editing web.config files! The solution configuration information is now stored in a hidden list within your SharePoint farm. This change will greatly simplify the configuration process – especially with large farms.

For existing users – be sure to read the Upgrade Addendum included in the ZIP file. There are prerequisite steps to migrate your existing configuration into the new list storage system.

In addition – version 2.5 includes a new language pack – German! Thanks to one of my new clients for translating the resource file.

The User Guide has been updated with all of the new configuration information and changes – be sure to check it out.

Thank you for using Chatter for SharePoint!

On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint 2.1

Hi Everyone. Just a quick update to share with you on the next release of Chatter for SharePoint. Version 2.1 is going through testing at the moment and will be released before the end of May. The full change list is below but I wanted to highlight a few significant changes:

Acceptable Use Policy

Several customers have inquired about requiring users to accept terms-of-use prior to participating on social platforms. Version 2.1 allows you to enable a feature to require users to read and accept terms of use (via a file you supply) prior to completing the authorization process. Proof of acceptance is logged on the server in the authorization log file. See the updated documentation for details on configuring and enabling this feature.

EasySetup Improvements

Another highly requested feature was the ability for the EasySetup and PrepareSharePoint utilities to update the web configuration on remote servers. This can now be accomplished – provided each server has the IIS Remote Administration feature enabled. Run ‘ASPNET_REGIIS -CONFIG+’ on each server in the farm prior to running EasySetup/PrepareSharePoint and it will be able to update all of the web.config files for you.

Other updates/improvements

  • Adds support for Acceptable Use Policy acknowledgement during authorization
  • Adds support for opening object types: Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities
  • Adds support for jpeg/png/bmp image previews
  • Improvements to API-enabled user account error handling
  • Updates to EasySetup and PrepareSharePoint now allow remote editing of web.config files on multi-server farms
  • Fixes an issue in Read Only Mode where the ‘Like’ names were clickable

Look for version 2.1 to be released shortly on the site. Thanks again to my customers who suggested some of these improvements and I hope you continue to find this solution useful.

Just Released: Chatter for SharePoint 2.0

Chatter for SharePoint 2.0

The wait is over. It’s been a year since I announced the project to create the next major release of Chatter for SharePoint. In that year I released 7 new or updated solutions, saw a 295% increase in traffic to my blog and made many new connections. Chatter for SharePoint now has a per-user installation base approaching 500,000 seats. I am in awe and thankful to each of my customers for choosing to invest in my solution.

My goal has been and continues to be to build the best SharePoint stuff on Earth. I absolutely believe that Chatter for SharePoint is the best solution for integrating SharePoint and SalesForce Chatter. Here are a few key reasons:

  • The fastest installation – up and running in less than 5 minutes using my exclusive EasySetup Installer. Watch the video and see for yourself how easy this solution is to install.
  • A robust set of features1 including the Feed and Search Web Parts; integration with SharePoint pages, lists and libraries; File Uploads; Sync profile information; and more!
  • New support for @mentions, topics and trending; new Files feed; support for Cases; improved Read-Only views and support for RSS rendering of feed data.
  • A clean and customizable UI that you can tweak to fit your company branding
  • The only solution to support Chatter Free and Chatter Plus users; and for all current versions of SharePoint, including 20072, 2010 and 2013.

I encourage you to download the 15 day evaluation and experience it for yourself. Let me know what you like and what you think could be better. Many of the features in the 2.0 release are based on customer feedback and suggestions.

When you are ready to purchase I have two license options for you – Standard and Enterprise. The Standard License includes the Feed web part functionality on a single farm with unlimited users for $299. The Enterprise License includes all of the solution functionality starting at $599 + per-user licenses. Contact me to request more information and a quote.

Visit the Chatter for SharePoint page to get started. Thank you!

Some features require the Enterprise license.
Chatter for SharePoint 2007 supported up to version

Chatter for SharePoint 2.0 – Added Features

Hi Everyone. We’re still on track for the big release next week – plus – a few new features have snuck into the 2.0 build: The Files Feed and support for Cases.


The Files feed is a quick way to filter for only those feed items that contain documents. You can open the Files feed from the Feed Actions menu:

Above: The Files Feed and Action Menu


The feed web part now identifies case feed items and will render them with a Case icon for easy identification. Case feeds work like any other feed. You can use the Action menu to open the case feed and create new post and comments – or – you can open the case and jump over into SalesForce.

Above: A case feed item and the Action Menu options.

Look for Chatter for SharePoint 2.0 to be released next week!

Chatter for SharePoint 2.0 FAQs

Hi Everyone. As we approach the launch of Chatter for SharePoint 2.0 I wanted to provide answers to common questions I am receiving:

Q: What’s new in version 2?
A: A Lot! See my earlier posts for details and screenshots. Some of the more noteworthy improvements include: a completely new (and customizable) UI, faster performance, improved caching, a new middle-tier library and support for: @mentions, following and trending – among many other improvements.

Q: Can I do an in-place upgrade from version 1.x to version 2.0?
A: YES! The upgrade process is very simple. You can use the InstallWebPart utility to automatically retract/remove the old version and add/deploy the new one. Alternatively, you can use STSADM or PowerShell commands to do the retract/remove and the add/deploy. All existing instances of the web part will automatically be upgraded to the new version.

Q: When upgrading do I need to rerun EasySetup or PrepareSharePoint.exe?
A: No. If you already have a working 1.x solution deployed the new version will inherit all of the existing configuration settings.

Q: I have the BETA version of 2.0 installed. Can I upgrade to the final version?
A: YES! Just retract/remove the beta and add/deploy the final version using STSADM or PowerShell. See the documentation for the command syntax if you are unsure.

Q: I have the 1.x solution installed and would like to try the 2.x version – but retain the option of downgrading to the 1.x solution. How can I do that?
A: By default, the 2.x solution changes how the user tokens are stored. This new format is incompatible with the 1.x solution. To retain backwards-compatibility, add the AppSetting ‘Chatter_Compatibility_Mode’ to all your web.config files and set the value to ‘true’. This will allow you to go back to the 1.x solution if you so desire. Note: running in this mode will reduce the security of the user-tokens.

Q: What version of SharePoint does this support?
A: Chatter for SharePoint 2.0 is compatible with on-prem installations of the Foundation, Standard or Enterprise editions of SharePoint 2010 or 2013. This software is NOT compatible with O365/SharePoint Online due to platform restrictions. There is also no 2.0 version for SharePoint 2007.

Q: What are the SalesForce requirements?
A: Your users must have Chatter Free or Chatter Plus licenses on your instance of SalesForce.

Q: Is there an Evaluation Version?
A: YES! The solution will run in Enterprise Evaluation mode for 15 days from the date you first installed the product. You can test all of the Enterprise features with the following restrictions: An evaluation banner message will appear in the web part and the feed results are restricted to only three items.

Q: How much does the solution cost?
A: Version 2.0 has two flavors – Standard and Enterprise. The Standard License is a one-time charge of $299 per farm (unlimited users) and allows you to use the Feed Web Part only. This license DOES NOT include: Ribbon Integration, Sharing of pages/documents/items from SharePoint, Share from Anywhere, File Upload, Search Integration and Sync. The Enterprise license includes all of the solution functionality (similar to the old 1.x license) for a one-time charge of $599 per farm PLUS per-user licenses. User licenses start at $1.50 per user for less than 1000 users. Customers interested in the Enterprise license should contact me for a quote.

Q: I am interested in the Enterprise license. How do I know how many user licenses I need?
A: I have created a License Calculator tool which is included in the ZIP file. Run the tool from one of your SharePoint Servers (see the documentation for details). It will determine the user count based on the larger of the user count in the User Profile Service (if provisioned) or the largest site collection. It will then add 10% and round the number up to the nearest tenth to give you a suggested license size. You may choose to increase that number if you know your user base will grow quickly. Otherwise you can purchase additional licenses in groups of 100.

Q: We already have purchased the 1.x solution. How do we get version 2.0?
A: 1.x customers under maintenance as of November 1, 2014 will be receiving the 2.x solution at no cost and will be grandfathered into the Enterprise licensing model for the number of users recommended by the License Calculator tool. 1.x customers not under maintenance must repurchase the solution under the new licensing terms.

Q: Do you offer support or maintenance?
A: YES! Yearly Support and Maintenance contracts are available. The cost varies depending on the license type. For Standard licenses it is $1000/year per license. For the Enterprise license it is the greater of $1000 or 20% of the total license cost (farm+user licenses).

I hope these are helpful. If you have a question not addressed above please feel free to contact me. Look for the Chatter for SharePoint 2.0 launch during the week of November 3rd!