Chatter for SharePoint Released!

Hi Everyone. I’ve just published the latest version of Chatter for SharePoint to the blog. All of the previously discussed features are present, including the first version of the User Profile Sync (2010/2013). You can download the latest version from here.

Just a reminder if you are installing the solution for the first time, please run the PrepareSharePoint.exe utility on your farm BEFORE deploying the WSP. See the documentation for detailed instructions.

As always I appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions. I hope you continue to find this solution useful.


Chatter for SharePoint 2007 Released!

Hi Everyone – I am very pleased to announce that the new 2007-compatible version of Chatter for SharePoint is now available! You can download the latest version here. To my knowledge, this is the only solution that integrates SalesForce Chatter with SharePoint 2007.

All three versions of the solution are functionally identical – except where differences in the platform need to be handled. For example, since SharePoint 2007 does not have the Ribbon, the Share options are located in context-menus.

Some screenshots:

Above: Chatter for SharePoint 2007 web part.

Above: Share Page context menu.

Above: Share Item context menu.

Above: Federated Search Integration

The 2007 version works on all x86 versions of SharePoint 2007 (WSS 3.0, Standard and Enterprise). Check the documentation for other system requirements and prerequisites.

A new version of the 2010 and 2013 solutions are also available which include some cosmetic updates and fixes.

Version changes include:

  • Initial support for SharePoint 2007
  • Fixed issue where under certain conditions the authorization token would not be written to the user’s profile
  • Fixed gradient background when running on Internet Explorer 10
  • Added support for Chatter API version 26
  • Minor cosmetic tweaks
  • Some internal code improvements

The 2007 version is licensed in the same manner as the other versions – by farm. Same price too, just $49 USD. I’m very happy to offer solutions for these platforms. Please check them out and be sure to send me any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

Coming Soon: Chatter for SharePoint 2007

I’ve received a number of inquiries on support for WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2007. Initially I did not plan to support this platform – but I’ve now decided to take a look at what would be involved to get Chatter for SharePoint working on this version. I’m happy to say it wasn’t half as bad as I feared – sort of. While the web part itself was easily ported to 2007, the other features like the Ribbon Integration and Federated Search need some tweaking.

So – expect to see a WSS 3.0/SharePoint 2007 (x86 only) compatible version of the solution soon. Final features and pricing TBD. In the meantime – here’s a screenshot of the web part running on WSS 3.0:

More details coming soon. Thanks for the feedback and comments.