Chatter for SharePoint Released!

Hi Everyone! Great news – Chatter for SharePoint has been released. In addition to minor fixes this release includes the new EasySetup install method. If you have already installed Chatter for SharePoint nothing changes for you – everything will work as before. If you are new to Chatter for SharePoint you will have a much easier experience getting CFSP up and running. Why? I’ve eliminated the most complex part: Setting up SalesForce! This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get SalesForce Chatter integrated with SharePoint.

Check out the new one-sheet EasySetup Guide. Seven simple to follow steps and within 5 minutes you will be up and running.

What if I want to customize the installation you say? Absolutely! I’ve updated the User Guide with even more instructions and useful information.

As always I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. EasySetup came about from a user suggestion. Have an idea to make Chatter for SharePoint even better? Now is the time to let me know. Version 2.0 development is underway. I have a ton of new features going into the next major release.

Thank you for using Chatter for SharePoint!


Chatter for SharePoint 1.8 Released!

Hi Everyone. It is with great pleasure I release version 1.8 of Chatter for SharePoint – and with it the long-awaited support for Chatter Free. You asked, I found a way. Thanks go out to my beta testers for taking the time to run 1.8 through its paces. This version also includes some great new functionality – including support for thumbnails/previews and direct downloading of attachments right within the chatter feed. The full change log is below. You can download the updated version here.

Changes in 1.8:

  • Added Chatter Free support
  • Added support for attachment thumbnail/preview images
  • Added direct-download of SalesForce attachments in feed items
  • Added new verbose logging option to web.config
  • Fixed issue where comments on Links or Files would not be posted with the item
  • Fixed issue with finding correct web.config with multiple AAMs
  • Fixed issue where group selector would be blank if user was not a member of any groups
  • Fixed issue where the web part would not properly detect a Team Site in edit mode
  • Updated web part branding styles
  • Improved formatting of posts in Read Only mode
  • Web Part Properties panel now updates it’s values from web.config after the initial configuration
  • Cleaned up deprecated code
  • New ‘Edit Mode’ information panel
  • Minor fixes

Thanks for using Chatter for SharePoint!

Chatter for SharePoint Version 1.5 Released!

Hi everyone. The new version of Chatter for SharePoint is now available on the blog. You can download the files for your version of SharePoint from this link.

New and updated features in this version include:

  • Added ‘Load more posts’ option to the bottom of feed to fetch next X number of feed-items into the web part
  • Added support for callback URLs to provide a better and faster authentication experience (your web applications need to be SSL for this to work; the forms authentication method is still present for non-SSL sites)
  • Added ‘Following’ filter to show all feed items from users and groups you are following
  • Added ‘Bookmarked’ filter to show all feed items you have bookmarked
  • Added support for bookmarking items from within the web part
  • Added ability to post to group when in the group feed
  • The group dropdown is now trimmed to show only groups to which you are a member
  • Fixed issue with hash tags and searching
  • Fixed Alpha filter error on Chrome
  • Fixed spelling error for Unliked link
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Also Share on SharePoint’ option was not working properly (2013)
  • Fixed issue where share box panel would not expand on the ChatterFeed form (2007)
  • Hash tags are now searchable within the web part. Just click on a hash tag within a feed item to search for all instances of the tag
  • Updated mouse-over event for bookmark/delete functionality to be on the item rather than the right-corner
  • HTTP timeout values adjusted to 30 seconds
  • New and updated debug information in the logs

Please download the latest version of the documentation for descriptions on the new features.

Video: Chatter for SharePoint

Hi Everyone – Thanks for visiting the blog. A lot of you have contacted me asking for a demo or WebEx to illustrate the configuration and use of the Chatter for SharePoint solution. It took me a bit longer than expected (due to personal commitments and finding a nice quiet space) but I am now pleased to release a 30 minute video that goes over the prerequisites, installation, configuration and use of the Chatter for SharePoint solution. Please take a look and feel free to comment. Also – if you have not downloaded the solution yet or have been using (or looking at) the SalesForce version – I hope you will download my solution and take it for a spin.


(Recommend you view in full screen and HD for best experience)

Chatter for SharePoint: Version 1.1 Released!

Hi Everyone – Late night here at SharePoint Snapple but for a good cause. Version 1.1 of the Chatter for SharePoint solution just went live on the blog. You can download the updated bits and documentation right now.

As promised – this version contains the much anticipated SharePoint Foundation support and the new Federated Search with Chatter feature. V1.1 also includes several usability fixes and improvements. Be sure to check out the All New User Guide – every section has been updated with new information, tutorials and screen shots to make your experience with the solution the best it can be. I’m also finishing a video that I’ll post to the blog shortly which demonstrates the installation, configuration and use of the solution.

So please go download and install the new version while I get some much needed sleep. Please continue to send me your feedback and suggestions. I hope you enjoy using the new Chatter for SharePoint!

Chatter for SharePoint: Foundation Support

Hi Everyone – Thanks to all of you who have purchased the web part this week – I’m amazed at the interest and excitement there is in the community to integrate Chatter with SharePoint.

I am pleased to announce that Version 1.1 of the Chatter for SharePoint solution will be released shortly and includes 2 major enhancements:

  1. SharePoint Foundation 2010 support
  2. Federated Search with Chatter (SharePoint 2010 Standard/Enterprise only)

By far the most requested enhancement has been the Foundation support. This opens the solution up to the entire SharePoint 2010 community and I am thrilled to offer it. When running on Foundation, the search-integration with Chatter will not be available since the Search Server Services are not present.

Speaking of Federated Search – it’s ready and will be in the V1.1 release. The package includes a utility to automatically install and configure the search connector in your environment. All you will need to do is add/update the existing Federated Results web part on your Search Center results page.

As always, existing licensed users can upgrade to this new version by downloading the package, retracting the old WSP, and deploying the new one. Detailed instructions will be included with the solution.

I’m looking to release the new version sometime this weekend; still have some regression testing to do and code cleanup. Thanks for your continued suggestions and support. Have a great weekend!

Chatter for SharePoint: Search

Busy weekend here at SharePoint Snapple! First we release a ton of updates on Friday and now by late Sunday night (ok, technically early Monday morning) I have some more goodness to show you. I’ve been working on integrating Chatter conversations into SharePoint Server’s search and now have some details to share.

I’ve built an OpenSearch-compliant web service that queries the All Company feed, parses the JSON, and renders an ATOM/RSS feed that is compatible with the OpenSearch provider in SharePoint 2010. The service can either pass the user’s token to SalesForce or use a ReadOnly API user to make the call. Links in the returned stream open to the related feed within SalesForce.

I’ve felt that being able to integrate searching conversations into SharePoint is a must-have in this solution and I am excited that it is nearly complete. I will have a lot more details to share once I finish the design – but the early work is very promising.