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11/4/2020 UPDATE: I am no longer actively updating this project. I will leave the current version available for download but I don’t guarantee how much longer it will function without some updates.

I am in the process of transitioning my own home setup away from Windows Media Center. You can read about it here and what this will mean for the Amazon and Netflix addins.

Version: 1.1 Build 20190126
Installer: Click here to download the latest version

Updates/Fixes in Build 20190126

  • Fixed data type conversion issue with multi-monitor feature

When reporting issues with the software, please see the FEEDBACK section of the PDF file included with the installer. I will need the requested diagnostic information and the plugin.log file.

Project History

Welcome Streamers! This page will serve as the home for my latest project – a replacement application for the aging Netflix plugin in Windows Media Center 7 and 8.x. The project is in the very early stages but I wanted to share my goals/objectives and document the progress.

Primary Goals

  • Create a Windows Media Center 7/8x compatible plugin to render the Netflix native web experience inside Media Center
  • Create a WMC-compatible Remote Control JavaScript library that can translate key presses into methods to navigate, select and play content from Netflix
  • Optimize some of the native web elements for the 10-foot experience

Secondary Goals include the addition of an on-screen keyboard when logging in and using feature such as Search.

The Design

While my last streaming plugin (AmazonMCE) was a full Media Center native application (with the exception of the SilverLight player), this application will be a WinForm application with a MCML registration and launch point. Why? Because Netflix no longer provides the casual developer access to their API.

This approach has both advantages and disadvantages. The key advantage is that we’re just calling the web-based Netflix application via a web browser embedded in a WinForm app. I don’t need to worry about API access, designing a UI, getting access to their encrypted streams, etc. The primary downside is that the web application is not remote-friendly – and that is where the bulk of my work now resides – building a remote-control library that I can inject into their page and have it do the navigation, selection and playback controls we all expect a native WMC app to do.

Here is a short video showing the current progress of the Remote Control JS library. In this demo I can arrow-down to the first row of videos, select the first one (which is highlighted in red) and then I can invoke the Play function by clicking OK on the remote.

Next Steps

Still a lot to do. I am currently working on finishing the page ‘map’ so I know how to apply the remote-control functionality. Also beginning work on the MCML registration point. If my schedule cooperates I hope to have something in the way of a Beta release by November.

I haven’t decided yet if this addin will be free (funded by  donations) or if there will be an app fee. If I decide there needs to be a cost for the addin it will be minimal – under $5 probably. Donations are always appreciated though – and if you choose to donate now towards this project and I end-up charging a fee, you will receive a copy at no additional charge.

September 29 Updates

So one thing I have heard from the community is that they want a better way to search content on the app. The on-screen keyboard is nice – but let’s be honest – it’s not ideal or ‘cool’ in any way.

Now I know some of you just use the mobile or web client to queue up things to watch in your wish lists – and that is certainly an option. But I had a thought on the way home… we all have some kind of mobile device with a really nice screen and keyboard – how about a small app that interfaces with the new Netflix Media Center app so you can do searching. I put together a quick proof-of-concept to test the viability (this is not a static mockup – these are screenshots of it actually working):


So above is the new Search App running on my iPhone 6. It is a web-based mobile app that is served by the NetflixMCE app itself. It should work on all modern smartphones, tablets and web browsers – but obviously optimized for the mobile touch-enabled devices.

You enter what you want to watch and click ‘Search’. The query is sent back to the NetflixMCE app running on your Media Center PC and it passes the search text into the Netflix web app:


Once the search results are visible, you can navigate to your desired choice and start watching. The app may have even more uses – as soon as I dream them up.

What do you think? Good idea? Not worth it? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

 October 4 Updates

Quick update on my progress with the new Netflix app. The majority of my time this session has been spent on building the MCML shell application that will launch the new Netflix web experience. That work is essentially complete. Here are some screenshots:


Above: The NetflixMCE EntryPoint


Above: The Netflix Splash Screen

As you can see I also began some work on the artwork. These images should be considered preliminary; may have to steer clear of any trademark issues:


Above: EntryPoint Active Card


Above: EntryPoint Inactive Card

The Netflix Search mobile app is also functional and feature-complete for the beta. It’s working really well – and even has the wife’s seal of approval for ease of use – so that’s something.


Above: Netflix Search App Icon


Above: App installed on Home Screen

Biggest challenge is (no surprise) the remote control stuff. Having some problems injecting my library into the player page – but I think I will have that solved shortly.

Stay tuned for more!

October 11 Updates

Work is continuing on the Remote Control Library. I successfully tested one approach – with full left-right-up-down movement (and play) on the main Netflix Browse page – however the many HTML5 animations and dynamic loading of content as you scroll left-right is proving difficult to reliably code for. I am now experimenting with various user-agent strings – as Netflix renders their application differently for different types of browsers and versions. So far it appears their IE8 rendering has the least baggage and is fairly easy to manipulate.

Good news is I don’t see any major roadblocks yet – so development continues.

November 1 Updates

Work is proceeding well towards the release of the beta. The remote control library is coming along nicely. Basic navigation of the movie grid and the basic player controls – stop, play/pause etc. are working. Still have to code for Netflix page errors and other navigation elements.

Here is a video of the beta in action (video quality is low due to recording codec):

Still on target for releasing the beta sometime in November.

One element that will probably not make the beta will be the switching of profiles – especially the ‘Kids’ profile as it uses a totally different UI.

November 14 Updates

The wait is over! The BETA version is ready for you guys to play with!

Be sure to read the Release Notes (included in the ZIP file) BEFORE installing the product.

This isn’t finished yet! Still have some UI improvements and CSS to work on; code cleanup; support for profiles and enhancements to the new Remote Control library. Plus – any ideas or feedback you guys come up with.

NOTE: After releasing the BETA I noticed a few minor things I wanted to correct; an updated file (Build 20151114) is now posted.

November 24 Updates

It’s been busy ten days! First – a big thank you to all those who have donated to the project and for testing the BETA. As expected, there were some glitches – especially around remote controls; but I think we’re past the worst of it.

So what’s next… The three primary goals (see above) have been achieved. Now comes the refinements, tweaks, fixes and – naturally – more functionality.

Stage 2 Goals

  • Improve branding/css
  • Support other actions – like jump to next episode
  • Support for profiles

I believe once the Stage 2 goals are achieved we will have our first non-beta quality release. I’m giving myself 60-90 days on this stage’s work – as I have other commitments coming up. There will be more BETA releases in the interim as I improve things and add new functionality.

Please continue to send me the all-important FEEDBACK reports. Thank you!

December 2016 Updates

Here are some screen shots of the updated branding and search functionality:


130 thoughts on “Netflix for Windows Media Center

  1. I like that this is happening… A lot! While having a mobile app handle some of the tasks is just fine, to me the best approach (if feasible) is that as much as possible can be handled with just the remote control. I recognize there are limitations, but I just don’t want to reach for my phone too often. Thanks!

  2. This looks fantastic! I was pretty bummed when I found out the native app was going away but I think this will be be a lot better! Search has always been so cumbersome, I love the idea of being able to use my phone! Already donated, thanks again!

  3. Shut up and take my money!! 🙂 I was more than a little upset when I got the message that Netflix was abandoning WMC. After mine stopped working, as they said it would, I waiting about a week and then used some Google-fu to see if anyone had come up with a solution. Imagine my surprise when I found not only a way to restore the old Netflix app, but an app for Amazon Prime video AND a plan to make an even better Netflix app.

    Your plan is awesome. I, for one, won’t mind paying for it, or donating if you decide to forego charging for the app.

  4. The mobile app is an interesting and clever idea. My concern is support for the app on multiple mobile OS. Will there be an app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone? This seems like a lot of additional development and support on your end. Personally, I would prefer to a built in Search function vice a search app embedded in a Mobile App. Regardless of path ahead, I’m happy to donate to a new MCE Netflix App.

    • The app is a mobile-based web application – so a lot easier to develop than a native IOS/Android/Windows app. So far it is working on iPhones, iPads and Windows Phones. I don’t expect any issues with Android either.It’s working shockingly well. I’ll have to put a video together to demo it soon.

  5. Very cool endeavor… and a great concept. Looking forward to more of your great work, Marc!

    Consider me a donation in the wings… I wish I was able to contribute to the project somehow. 🙂

    I have virtual machines that can be used to test Win7 and Win8 (and 10 if needed). Let me know.

  6. This is pretty slick. I was looking for a replacement so that my mother’s mediacenter could get to netflix again. Otherwise I was going to have to rebuild it as a server and get her a refurbished xbox 360 for the head unit.

    I’m glad to see you’re using the web interface. That should make mediacenter immune to any more changes to Netflix for the most part as long as the browser remains compatible. Are you making your code open? I’d love to take a peek.

  7. Hi Marc

    Looks fantastic! Thanks heaps for your work on this project. Don’t mind if the search function is on the phone as searching inside wmc with a remote is never great anyway. Looking forward to further updates…

  8. Awesome! I just donated for your effort alone. I plan to donate more if the app actually comes to fruition.
    I also do some development, so I would be happy to contribute or do testing if needed.
    Thanks again!

  9. Marc,
    Glad to see this is progressing. I am using your patch currently for Netflix in WMC, but had a hic-up today (kept saying no interent connection when I did have one) that got me worried.
    I just donated because of the patch you did, and if this comes out, that will be awesome. As said above, having actual support instead of a workaround will be very reassuring.

  10. Wow, this is great. I have only just stumbled across this.

    One question though and not being too tech savvy, will your app support surround sound? I’m pretty sure the win8 native app is the only one which does at present.

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  13. Working on x86 (thanks!), but having issues with x64. I’m logged into Netflix with IE, but launching app tells me I’m not logged in. I’ve even tried leaving Netflix IE page open, but same results. Is this a know issue? If not I’ll follow steps to submit issue. Thanks!

    • Has been tested on both; See the release notes for one possible solution; First – in IE under Tools, Internet Options, Advanced – reset IE to default settings. Then, disable Protected Mode under Tools, Internet Options Security.

  14. Downloaded and installed Build 20151130 on two computers. Can not get it to work on either WMC. Goes to the red Netflix screen, stays there of a few seconds, flashes to the netflix login screen, then screen changes to gray screen telling me to make sure I have logged in and hit the green button. Yes I have logged into the account before running.

    • Try the following: in IE, Tools, Internet Options, Advanced – and reset IE to default settings; then clear all temporary files and cookies; Disable Protected Mode, then login to Netflix using your id and password (not facebook sso). Then, try the addin – should work.

      • Thank you. It worked for the most part. I had to restart it a couple of times after having to give premissions. Also flashed an error message about 5 seconds going into the netflix menu for the first time. After the third attempt I was able to start a movie. I did notice that when the movie started I lost my mouse. Is that normal? I will check back to see if the beta has been updated. Thanks again..

  15. Would it be possible to add functionality for MCE shortcut keys? I use a program called Intelliremote which detects which program is in use and then customizes the buttons on the MCE remote based on the key events set for each programs profile. Basically, it exclusively intercepts all MCE IR commands (the commands needed to control NetflixMCE!) and then sends out a user defined key event which means I am unable to control NetflixMCE because it does not respond to the MCE keyboard shortcuts, for example, the MCE shortcut key for pause is Ctrl+P. Intelliremote does not have the ability to “pass-through” the original IR commands so I am stuck with keyboard shortcuts. I rely heavily on Intelliremote because of how powerful it makes the customization of a MCE remote so it would make no sense to stop using it so that I can use NetflixMCE, but I’d love to be able to use it.

      • Thanks Marc. Here’s some feedback for:

        1.04 Build 20151130
        Win7 64bit
        Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18097

        No matter how many times I disabled the IE protection mode, and deleted cookie and website data so I could sign in, after a few hours it would always sign me out again.

  16. Fantastic work!!! Much better than any options in Kodi. You asked for feedback on the mobile app, I’d recommend saving your time (I have not tried it). It’s so easy to use the official Netflix mobile app to find what your looking for and then add it to your watch list, it seems unneeded for you to maintain your own mobile app.

    The only wife complaint with the current implementation is that there is no way when watching a series to see which one you’ve watched until you press play. Along the same lines, when pressing stop on a series show it takes you back to the “my list” (instead of the series episodes list).

  17. Just wanted to offer some feedback on the latest version…

    1. (Priority: Low) If WMC is not in full screen mode, starting the app makes it full screen, not scaled within the WMC window.
    2. (Priority: Low) The mouse cursor is visible in the top region of the app, and if you hover over some of the video tiles, the cursor will disappear after a short delay. Moving the mouse at this point does not return the mouse cursor unless you move it to the very top of the screen again. Since the remote buttons don’t work during playback except play/pause, this makes it difficult to control the content.
    3. (Priority: Medium) The screen saver is not prevented while playing content. It will come on whether or not content is playing or paused.
    4. (Priority: High) Of course, the remote control mapping is ‘key’ (pun intended)…

    If you need anything to help with these items, you are welcome to use my registered email address to contact me. 🙂

    Looking forward to the next iteration of your magic…

    Thanks… Dan

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  19. Got it working on MCE, Looks great! Before I go ahead and get a remote setup was just checking whether or not buttons were mapped or not using a native WMC remote to control netflixmce…?

  20. Sorry, noob question. When I click on the link to the installer, it takes me to But it won’t let me download it (tried clicking the white and blue download buttons without luck). I even logged into my account first and still no luck. Anyone else having trouble downloading it? I’m on Win7, and tried both IE11 and Chrome. Thanks for any help.

  21. this won’t work on windows 10’s media center, I can provide some more information. it complained about drm, reinstalled silverlight and now the app complains that silverlight isn’t installed when I attempt to play. I verified that i can watch netflix in both Internet Explorer and Edge browsers… Any tips?

      • I understand that, was hoping you maybe had a tip or an idea? I will try to figure it out then.

      • I have not even looked at the Windows 10 WMC hacks so I am not sure where it would be breaking down. As this uses the browser for the most part you need to ensure you have IE 11 present, it should have the latest version of silverlight installed and you should be able to login and play movies from Netflix on IE11. Generally – if that works the addin should work.

    • I have successfully installed WMC on Windows 10 using the patch from this site:

      I also successfully installed Marc’s Netflix plugin and the Microsoft Netflix app restore. I did this months ago so I don’t remember my exact steps. However, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything besides updating Silverlight and pre-logging into Netflix using the old Microsoft Internet Explorer (not the Windows 10 default MS Edge browser).

      Thank you Marc for providing both these awesome utils!

  22. Thanks! This plugin is looking better and better. However, I am interested to understand the reason for using mongoose.exe webserver. What purpose does it serve? Can we not launch a browserWindow in fullscreen and control using MCE remote? Something like the MCEWebView plugin?

    • Hi – I am not familiar with that plugin; In this case, the mongoose web server is necessary to support the mobile search app; it is not used to render the Netflix stuff – that is handled by a WinForm app with the webBrowser component – probably similar to MCEWebView.

      • Thanks for a quick response. Thats what I thought it was used for. Will you consider branching this plugin in two versions, one supporting mobile search app and one without mongoose webserver that only supports MCE remote?

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  24. Does this still work for everyone? Mine no longer works (when I click on a movie, I just hear “click”, “click”, etc for about 30 sec and then the app appears to time out? Just curious if others are seeing the same issue.

  25. I started getting Java errors inside the app within the past couple of days….It occurs whenever I try to navigate through the page…. Is anyone else seeing this error?

  26. Getting the same errors thing here.

    Also, in a browser, playback is fine, but in WMC, playback will stop randomly. It can be resumed with a space bar click (if a keyboard is handy).

  27. I am getting the same java errors whenever I try to navigate with my remote. If I use the keyboard or mouse it works fine.

  28. Tonight the app seems to no longer be working. Gives either the login needed screen even if already logged in or the script error popup. Note that I have not allowed windows updates in a long time on this machine so It should not be the bad windows update problem.

  29. Stuart,
    I’m having the same problem (but I don’t think it has anything to do with Netflix MCE). I think the problem is with and they are now forcing customers to log off at the end of each browser session (let me explain). When I sign into Netflix (via Internet Explorer), I can view my Netflix account and watch movies (again….via IE and ***not*** Netflix MCE). When I close the browser, and then re-launch the browser (and go to, I have to sign in again (I’m no longer automatically signed it). I sign in again and everything works fine in IE, but as soon as I close the browser, I am forced to login again when I relaunch the browser. I also confirmed this with my Desktop Windows 10 computer. I had previously logged into my Netflix account via Edge. When I went to Netflix, I was already (automatically) signed in so I could start browsing Netflix right away. I close the browser and then relaunched it and went back to Netflix. I was still signed in. I then manually clicked “Sign out” on my Netflix account. Once I was signed out, I logged back into my account and then closed the browser. Finally, I re-opened the browser and went to Netflix and I was forced to sign back in again (Netflix didn’t “Remember my device”).

    Because Netflix MCE needs you to be (automatically/already) logged into your Netflix account via your web-browser, it’s failing (and you’re seeing the “Please sign into your account screen”) because is now forcing it’s customers to log off at the end of each browser session.

    At least, this is what I think is going on….

    • coming across this nice plugin for MCE and sadly coming across this same issue.

      was hoping to get away from using it within a web browser as it html5 crap still uses too much browser memory.

      • This issue appears to be fixed (Netflix site now remembers my information and stays logged into my account even after I close my browser). I did not change any of my I.E. settings.

  30. This plugin is awesome! I would like to thank you for putting so much thought into the features and welcoming feedback. Here is another. Allowing the curser to disappear after a few seconds is brilliant, however if I need to use the curser to move to another episode it does not reengage when moving the mouse, this should be allowed. The menu items are bit too large, I am unable to see which episode is selected because of this issue. Anyway – NICE job! I will be contributing to this project!

  31. Works great for me! Installed on 2 different Win 7 computers without any issues! What a great product!! Thanks Marc Davis! Putting in my donation today!

  32. Hi, I like this plugin very much but I have a problem with it: As I live in Austria, a german speaking country, I want to watch the videos in german. But the videos always start within the plugin in english language with german subtitles. On the netflix homepage under settings, I have german as the default language. I also find no way within the plugin to change the language of the Video per remote control.
    Thank you for your help!

  33. Hi,
    I like this plugin very much! Sadly, I have a little problem with it: As I live in Austria, a German speaking county, I want to watch the Netflix movies in German. But within the plugin they always start in English language with German subtitles! On the Netflix homepage under settings, I have German as my default language. I also can`t find a way to change the language of a movie within the plugin per remote control.
    I hope somebody can help.

  34. Hi,

    Really got to love this Netflix tool after trying it now for some months, I gave you a donation earlier!

    Is there any chance you could make it so that once I’d gone say into Documentaries for instance and selected to look at the write up for one particular Documentary and then click the back button it would not go back to the my list of films page but return back to the Documentary list and therefore if I wanted to go back to the main list one more back button click would get me there. As its quiet annoying browsing around and having to constantly go inot my category to search again and again once having gone into one title.

    Is there a way of altering this?

    Other than this your tool is perfect

    Best Regards


  35. Hi Marc, I just checked the discontinued official Netflix MCE plugin and it’s still working. The only issue is, when playing videos all remote control and keyboard shortcut functionality is not available. I’m just wondering why no one is focusing on finding a workaround to fix this?

    • Hi – yes it is still working but Netflix has altered their silverlight player – removing the remote control functionality. I do not see a way of fixing that without a lot of reverse engineering. Please see my replacement addin for Netflix.

  36. Hi,
    I have just updated to the last 1.0 Beta Version. When I start the plugin I get a script error window on the first Screen when I press the upper or the lower key on the remote. So I can only navigate with the mouse

  37. Please don’t abandon this project. I have not seen any updates lately so it left me wondering what was going on. I have never been able to get the search from my cellphone to work. I would really prefer if you could put it back on the screen using the remote. It is just another device that I have to have while watching Netflix. I WOULD ACTUALLY PAY YOU TO PUT THE FEATURE IN.

  38. Having an issue where launching the Netflix App within WMC gives me no control with my Harmony remote. Any button I press to move around on the Netflix causes it to go back to WMC main menu while forcing the Netflix page to the background. Only way to get rid of it is to start task manager and force close it. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Chris – that is very likely a focus issue. If you have multiple monitors or you are running Media Center in window then this can happen. Normally if the app is full screen the NetflixMCE app will send a command to ensure it has focus. If you send kbd or remote commands while the window does not have focus it will return you to media center.

      • marcdavis – thanks for the quick reply. The problem PC is hooked up to a TV only and Media Center is not windowed – it is full screen. I sent an email following the directions in the PDF attaching the requested information. Hoping someone can look at it and “see” something wrong

  39. Hey Marc Love the app but the latest release does not allow me to search on my phone. It just returns to the search screen. I would really prefer to search on the screen rather than have another device to add to my arsenal of remotes. Any chance something new is coming

  40. Hey Marc, Love the app and a I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into it! I will be donating. One question with Remote use.My remote works fine UNTILL I launch a video. after that there is no control what-so ever . No pause play ff rw anything. am I doing something wrong or is this still in the works. Also I love your Amazon Plugin. Works flawlessly. Any chance of a Hulu App?

  41. Like the new layout! I had a question… I managed to make a shortcut no problem for AmazonMCE, but trying with netflix it never opens, just WMC opens. I am using the following:

    C:\Windows\ehome\ehshell.exe /entrypoint:{e6f46126-f8a9-4a97-9159-b70b07890112}\{982ea9d3-915c-4713-a3c8-99a4688b7c59}

    Not sure if the entrypoint has changed for netflix. Thank again for your work!

  42. Thank you for the fast reply, the below shortcut still does not open netflix, just opens WMC.
    C:\Windows\ehome\ehshell.exe /entrypoint:{b83c34f9-771a-49ed-aaa1-30b689fefffc}
    I also tried in the comment section with -launchcoded:b83c34f9-771a-49ed-aaa1-30b689fefffc
    still same thing…. Not sure what Im missing on this one 🙂

    • I’ll need to check your syntax – I don’t use the loader like that. Also – download the 12/12 version – there was a bad css file in 20161209 which makes the new menu unusable.

      • Thank you, just installed the new version on both computers and it works great. Just had to put my login details in IE one more time. As for the shortcut issue, for amazonMCE I made a short cut using this:
        C:\Windows\ehome\ehshell.exe /entrypoint:{9547e03d-ccfc-4564-a097-856b99e42afa}\{615620d8-161b-4f48-8dd2-8354ae4da51d}

        and that works perfects, opens right up into amazonMCE. Tried the same with netflix and no go. Thank you for your help!

  43. Ok, I figured it out. I remembered where the entry points where stored in regedit. the following works:
    C:\Windows\ehome\ehshell.exe /entrypoint:{3a5efebc-cc66-4ba0-85ad-6dd7c045301b}\{b83c34f9-771a-49ed-aaa1-30b689fefffc}

    Thank you again for you help!

  44. The categories and hamburger menu don’t work on mine.
    If I move up with my remote it simply takes me to the search, am I missing something?

    Kudos on the progress.

  45. So.. Don’t work for me. I can enter in netflix. See my list, can search.. All ok!
    but when I go to play some movie/serie, first show the blue dots of silverlight. Then show the screen of Netflix movie/serie, and the red circle came to spin… after about 10 seconds, all stop working. My Netflix is from Brazil.

    Any ideias?

    • I don’t have the ability to test this in every country but the playback is completely native netflix – I am not modifying anything. So it could be a browser, silverlight or network problem.

  46. Found that addin yesterday, tried it and was very pleased by your work 🙂
    Just donated this morning, keep up the good work !

  47. Stopped working tonight. Only a gray or black screen appears now: ( used daily in my home please help.

    Thanks for all of your hard work

  48. I’ve got the same issue (greyed out black screen with scroll bar on the right). I can bring up the search menu, but nothing shows up when I use it (previously, the search bar worked great).

    • I will check into the blank screen but remember – there is no login from with my app – you need to login to Netflix from Internet Explorer on the media center PC before starting the addin.

  49. Hi, I am getting a DRM error

    I re-installed silverlight. Don’t have the mentioned windows updates installed.
    Anything else I can try?


    • Just ran a test and everything seems fine here. If DRM is failing it is likely one or more of the following: Incompatibility between your PC and the display; video driver issue; version or settings in Internet Explorer. Be sure you are running IE11; do an Reset in Tools, Advanced to be sure all settings are set to defaults. Also – any DRM protected content may only work on HDMI displays.

  50. Love the app way better than the WMC version Im still running. Just wish I could get the Registry entry to control the monitor it defaults to working. My main monitor is 1, but TV is monitor 3 with WMC. When launched the app goes to monitor 1 :(. Tried multiple variations of registry edits as documented in the README. Could not get it to work. Standing by and will keep checking for a fix in future version. thanks for your hard work Marc (use Amazon too).

      • ACES !!!!
        Thank you so much. My wife has broken off the divorce, and my kids have told me I am their favorite once again.

        Seriously, I truly appreciate the effort and hard work. The multi-monitor setup works as described. Followed the Read Me – added the reg key NETFLIXMCE, added QWORD(64-bit) Binary Value, set as 0, and good to go.

        The new interface is far superior to the WMC native app (after html5 update). I HAVE THE PAUSE BUTTON BACK!!!!!

        Will push a donation in the next few days as a token of appreciation.

        You’ve enhanced our television viewing pleasure, Marc. Between Amazon and, now, Netflix, your work impacts others – very cool! Hope I can pay it forward one day.

  51. Love the project! WMC could have been amazing if they didnt stop supporting it. I am having an issue however. Playing a video gives me a DRM error

  52. Hey Marc,

    Firstly, thanks so much for your effort on this, a donation will be forthcoming from us soon. I’ve run into a bit of an interesting issue – my Media Centre is connected to the network via wireless, and whenever I launch the NetflixMCE recently my ping times to the Media Centre PC go crazy (dropping packets and spiking up to 2,000+ms). As soon as I close it, pings return to normal. If left long enough, it sometimes gets past the ‘Loading…’ screen and is able to be used, but that’s a rarity.

    I’ve just installed the 20170531 build, but the issue was also happening under the previous build as well. It seemed to happen on around the 9th June when the last round of Windows Updates got installed. I’ve checked to confirm the two you mentioned above are not installed, and they’re declined on my WSUS Server, but I work in IT and the idea of not patching at all concerns me. Are you aware of any current patches causing issues? I’m in the progress of selectively rolling them back at the moment to try and determine which one is causing the issue.


    • Hi Ben,

      There is nothing in the last few builds that should be causing the network glitching you are seeing – though I don’t personally run this over wireless so it would take some effort to try and reproduce what you are seeing. The app is – for lack of a better description – just a shell for the webbrowser control which affords me the ability to inject my own code into the page. It should be behaving like any other web browser would. Regarding the updates – any of the new monthly security rollup updates could potentially contain one or more of those MediaCenter updates that will cause problems with my streaming apps. I can’t code around it – MS changed how URLs are handled in WMC. If you are running Win7+WMC I recommend disabling WIndows Updates to ensure your system doesn’t get altered.

  53. Hi. Not sure you still support the Netflix add in but recently I’ve been getting a scripting error on each page and yesterday I’m now getting just a black screen after loading the initial page.

  54. Thanks for your hard work!!! I’ve been having some issues with Netflix where media controls stop working and or it will overlay on top of my media center apps. I finally figured out how the problem happens.
    1. Launch Netflix and start playing a video. Press the MediaCenter button on the remote. Launch Netflix again. Controls no longer work.
    2. My PC is configured to close MediaCenter before sleep and will start MediaCenter on wakeup.
    First I launch Netflix and then put the PC to sleep. When I wake up, Netflix instance continued to run and then media center was restarted. Now Netflix may not work correctly when launched in MediaCenter
    3. Similar to step 2, Netflix instance was still running before MediaCenter was started. When I launch YoutubeTV media center app (Using Relaunch w/ Chrome). Netflix will overlay on top of Youtube and I cannot use my Youtube app.

    I think this would fix the problem:
    -closing Netflix plugin when media center is closed
    -closing Netflix plugin whenever the MediaCenter button on the remote control is pressed

    Can you please help to fix this problem?

  55. Just curious if you ever released the search app? Wasn’t able to find that. Did download the wmc netflix add in and it works well. Thanks!

    • Hi Bobby; the search app was released but later removed due to an exploit found in the 3rd party web server component I was using. Rather than risk further issues I replaced the app with an on-screen remote friendly keyboard for doing the search.

      • Could you tell me how to turn the cc on or off when using the Netflix plugin? I can fast forward, rewind, pause, with remote… but the mouse is totally gone so I can’t figure out how to turn the closed captioning on or off.

      • Hi – odd – it is not enabled by default. Try opening Netflix in IE. start playing a movie and then adjust the cc settings there.

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