System Messages

12/13 UPDATE: Version is now available. Fixes an issue with OpenWebConfiguration call on web application with multiple AAMs.

The current supported version is

The purpose of this solution is to allow Farm and Site Collection Administrators to set Farm-wide or Site Collection specific banner messages. These banners are generated using the SP.UI.Status API and render natively below the top-navigation. Messages can have one of four priority types: Low (Green), Medium (Blue), High (Yellow) or Critical (Red) and can include HTML markup like anchor tags. Farm and Site Collection messages can co-exist and will default to the highest priority for display purposes. Site collection admins can edit the System Messages from the Site Collection Administration settings page and Farm admins can set farm-wide messages from Central Administration.



  • SharePoint 2010 Server (Foundation, Standard or Enterprise; This will NOT work with Office 365)

Click here to download System Messages for SharePoint 2010.

You can also buy a license and activate the full version of the product. The solution is licensed per-farm (not per user or front-end like a lot of other solutions).

System Messages (2010 Version, Farm license, unlimited users) $20:


16 thoughts on “System Messages

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  4. Thanks for developing what looks to be a great messaging solution!

    I just installed the System Messages.wsp on my Development SharePoint Server 2010 (standard) for evaluation and activated the feature on my main intranet page but the message does not display. IE developer tools (F12) doesn’t show any errors.

    Any ideas of what I can look for?

    Also, I am unsure how to install on CA. Commands to do this?

    Thanks ahead,

    • Hi – Very odd. So you set a message to display and nothing is appearing on the site? Can you run the problem step recorder (START, RUN PSR.EXE), reproduce the issue and send me the results?

      For CA – you need to go to Site Actions, Site Settings, Site Collection features and activate the feature there.

      • Thanks Marc…
        I Kept searching and found the error of my ways…CSS…
        I had the s4-statusbarcontainer set to not display.

        On to installing on CA

      • Marc,

        Maybe I’m misreading the PDF and the functionality?

        1) The feature has been activated on CA, main intranet page, and one site collection.
        2) I created a message on CA thinking it would propagate to intranet page and site collection but it doesn’t.
        3) Also because I was expecting the farm-level message to trickle down, I did not enter a message on the intranet or the site collection and so all I see is a colored bar.

        Should I “deactivate” the feature on the intranet and the site collection if I plan to just send out farm-level messages?


      • Your understanding is correct – a message set in CA will be visible on all sites in the farm. You need to set the message under CA, System Settings, Set/Change Farm Message.

        I bet you did it under Site Settings in CA – that won’t work – that is just for CA. Look under System Settings on the main CA menu.

  5. Do you have versions for SharePoint 2013? We have several Farms in SP2010 and SP2013 and we want to implement this

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