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12/13/2019 UPDATE: Version 3.2 Build 20191213 has been released for On-Prem; contains a minor fix to the configuration load routine. This does not affect the SharePoint Online version.

If you would be interested in evaluating the Chatter for SharePoint Online product you can sign up here: 

The current supported on-prem version is 3.2 Build 20191213; Released on 12/13/2019

The current supported Online version is 3.2 Build 20191112; Released on 11/19/2019

Thank you for choosing Chatter for SharePoint – the leading solution for integrating your SharePoint collaboration platform with Salesforce Chatter. With Chatter for SharePoint, your users can communicate and collaborate more effectively – making SharePoint the social hub of your organization.

The solution creates integration points within SharePoint to Salesforce Chatter by way of Feed and Search web parts, ribbon enhancements on pages, lists and libraries, and a synchronization timer job.

  • The Feed web part displays a specified Salesforce Chatter Feed (Company, Personal, Group or Topic/Hash tag) and allows users to post, comment, bookmark, upload files, delete posts, follow conversations and like/unlike/share posts and comments.
  • The Search Results web part returns relevant conversations to SharePoint search queries.
  • The ribbon enhancements allow users to share pages, list items and documents from SharePoint to Chatter.
  • The User Profile Sync works with the SharePoint Standard/Enterprise User Profile Service to synchronize user data from SharePoint to Chatter. (on-prem only)

Chatter for SharePoint is the affordable, easy-to-use and most comprehensive solution for integrating SharePoint and Salesforce Chatter. Try it today!

Have a question? Feel free to contact me anytime:


On-prem Requirements

  • SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 Server (On-prem editions: WSS/Foundation, Standard or Enterprise)
  • User Profile Service configured and operational (for Standard/Enterprise; required for full functionality and for syncing with Chatter; can be run in Foundation mode with reduced functionality)
  • SharePoint Search, Enterprise Search, or FAST Search (for Standard/Enterprise)
  • Chatter Free or Chatter Plus

Online Requirements

  • SharePoint Online subscription
  • Chatter Free or Chatter Plus



Download links

Click here to download Chatter for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 (Current)

Click here to download Chatter for SharePoint Online

Documentation and other files

Download the Chatter for SharePoint Product Overview
Download the Chatter for SharePoint 3.x User Guide
Download the Chatter for SharePoint Online 3.x User Guide

See it in action!

A short video showing how Pernod Ricard is using Chatter for SharePoint in their intranet!


  • SharePoint Online: The SaaS license is a monthly subscription based on the number of users who will be using/accessing the web part. The subscription includes maintenance/support and upgrades.
  • On premises: The Enterprise license includes all of the solution functionality (Feed Web Part, Ribbon Integration, Sharing of pages/documents/items, Share from Anywhere, File Upload, Search Integration and Sync) on a single farm. Each user must have a license. Maintenance/support is an additional fee.

The evaluation version can be converted to the SaaS or Enterprise version by purchasing the appropriate license(s) and obtaining a valid license key for your farm. Licenses are tied to a specific farm and cannot be transferred.

Need a longer evaluation? Contact me for a free 30 Day Enterprise Evaluation license and start being social in SharePoint!


Chatter for SharePoint 3.x Enterprise License $1,599 + Per User Licenses (USD); Pricing now includes year-one maintenance and support.
Click here to request a quote

Chatter for SharePoint Online Subscription; Pricing starts at $1.00 per user, per month for up to 100 users. Please contact me for custom pricing and higher user-count discounts.
Click here to request a quote

When requesting a quote please specify SharePoint on-prem or SharePoint Online and the number of users.


I am now offering yearly renewable support and maintenance agreements which you can purchase for an additional fee (on-prem only; support/maintenance is included in the SaaS pricing). The agreement includes priority support with an initial 24-hour response. Contact me to discuss or purchase this option.

I am now offering a LIMITED number of my larger clients an opportunity to license the Chatter for SharePoint source code for INTERNAL USE ONLY. This is a very limited agreement to select candidates. If your company is interested in building an INTERNAL solution based on the Chatter for SharePoint source, please email me and I will send you the details and criteria for participation in this program. This is available for the on-premises version of Chatter for SharePoint only.

* Some features are only supported in the on-prem version due to platform restrictions.

135 thoughts on “Chatter for SharePoint

  1. It looks like this requires command line access to a SharePoint instance. We use a SharePoint instance from Office 365 – any plans to make a version that works with that?



    • Hi Jake – I am looking at Office 365 now but it does not look promising. O365 does not allow outbound calls and the web part currently requires assemblies to be registered in the GAC. This solution was not designed for the Sandbox. The way O365 currently works would require these communications to be client-side, which is not practical.

      I will continue to investigate a sandbox-compatible solution.



      • Hi Marc
        Any update on plans for SharePoint Online now that 2013 is upon us? Do any of the changes in 2013 make it easier for you to provide a 365 version?

      • Hi Simon, Unfortunately the inability to make RESTful server-side calls outside of SharePoint Online makes the platform unsuitable for this application. I am still trying to come up with a practical alternative.

  2. Hey Marc,

    I’ve been toying with the SF Chatter for SharePoint WebPart for the last few days, although I’m running in to one issue once everything is installed.

    When you add the “My Team Site” WebPart, how do you pre-configure it for groups that you have already set up within Salesforce? The box on the edit web part screen just spits back “invalid group, please contact administrator” although the name is spot on.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Scratch that. I just answered my own question. Completely forgot that groups have a [groupID] which you pull down from the browser bar. Once I plugged that in, it magically started working 🙂

      • Hi Bruce – the ‘My Team Site’ web part is part of SalesForce’s own Chatter Web Part solution – not mine. But you are correct – you needed the Group ID from the browser bar to make it work. Have you tried my version of the web part?

  3. Hi — when you say that Chatter Plus is required, does that mean that Chatter Free users cannot see or interact with the webpart?

  4. Hi Marc,

    Was wondering if do you have some web part with for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Chatter?
    I know it is too old but I’m working, very happy, with a big farm on WSS 3.0


    • Hi Rosa. Sorry at this time I have not tried to back-port this to WSS 3.0; Presently looking at recompiling for SharePoint 2013.



      • Marc, Thank you for your prompt reply!

        Seems that we are in the same boat , evaluating the new SP 2013

        Thank You! !
        Rosa Quintero

  5. Hi Marc,

    We have been looking at SharePoint and Chatter integrationa dn Snapple looks great. However in prequissites you said we need REST API which is not available to free Chatter accounts. We have salesforce enterprise license for their other product and we get chatter along that so I guess it free. The tool available at salesforceappexchange doen’t say anythign about it. I don’t think Snapple would work on a API which the other application doesn’t need. can you please guide me with this here?


    • Hi Nihu,

      If you only have Chatter Free then you don’t have API access. Neither my solution nor the one on the AppExchange will work for Chatter Free. If your Enterprise license extends to Chatter then you have API access. I would suggest you download my version and give it a try.


    • Hi – wanted to let you know that Chatter for SharePoint 1.8 will now support Chatter Free users. If you are still looking for a solution, 1.8 will be available in a few weeks.

  6. All of the text that is displayed is in English. Do you have any plans to make the solution use resx files so I can deploy this to my variations-enabled site?


  7. Hi Marc – Thanks for your help and support through out this whole week. As far as I’m concerned this is a fantastic tool and it has drawn attention in the company worldwide. I’m excited to see what will be next in your updates. Cheers 🙂 Great work

    • Hi Michael – thanks so much for the praise and for working with me on your deployment. I’m already working on the Poll support so expect something soon. I am glad you and your company found this solution useful.



  8. I’m having an issue configuring plugin for SharePoint 2013 instance. Sucesfully ran the two command line .exe’s for adding the two fields to the user profile service and verified the result type was added to the search application. After running the preparesharepoint.exe i never get that the web.config was updated and upon verification i did not see the entry so I added it manually using the same url provided for the paramater in the .exe but to no avail(). If i try and add the webpart to a page i am able to however i get a correlation ID that appears to be failing at :

    Unexpected System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ChatterForSharePoint.ChatterFeed.ChatterFeedUserControl.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() at System.Web.UI.Control.AddedControl(Control control, Int32 index) at ChatterForSharePoint.ChatterFeed.ChatterFeed.CreateChildControls() at System.Web.UI.Control.EnsureChildControls() at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean

    Also if i browse to the _layouts/15/ChatterForSharePoint/ChatterAuth.aspx from the root url i get the following:

    chatter: unable to authorize sharepoint because required settings are missing from the web.config file.

    I’m about to try and setup the default settings in the same way they would be for the ribbon integration and hope that resolves the issue but if you can provide any insight it would greatly be appreciated.

  9. Hi, I need help
    I was add web Part “Chatter for SharePoint” and it need settings.
    But I don’t know which information insert for run.
    – Category
    License, SalesForce, Configuration

    • Hi ILJoon – Please see the Chatter for SharePoint documentation for your specific version of the web part. You will also need assistance from your SalesForce administrator to get some of the configuration setup properly.

  10. I read, confirmed and understand that one would need a Chatter PLUS account to get access to their API. But I was wondering, for those of us that currently use free accounts, could we get away with purchasing a single PLUS account for use with your webpart? I know there are some api calls/day/user limitations (i.e. 200 or something), but if those limitations were enough for us could we get away it?

    • If you use the named Chatter-Plus user account in the Web Part it -might- work – but you will only get the read-only view of the company feed. All other features of the solution (aside from the search) will not function.

    • Hi – wanted to let you know that Chatter for SharePoint 1.8 will now support Chatter Free users. If you are still looking for a solution, 1.8 will be available in a few weeks.

  11. Hi Marc, this does look like what need. When sharing a list item or document from the ribbon, does that feed trail stay in the context of the list item/document shared somewhere? Answer is probably obvious, sorry.

      • Apologies. Imagine Employee A uses the ribbon button to share a .ppt doc with employee B asking whether this presentation should have certain slides in it for an upcoming meeting, and employee B replies saying yes, as the intended recipient client always llikes those sorts of slides. Come the following year, employee C is now looking after the client and is unaware of the client’s predelictions. Going to the previous year’s .ppt, employee C stumbles across this chatter conversation which gives them a vital insight on the client and ensures continuity of service without huge handovers etc.

      • OK- I think I understand. Right now the context would be in Chatter itself – so the user would have to search for the document (for example) and pull up the related conversation. Now, I could but a context-menu item in SharePoint so when you click on an item it gives you the option to search for related conversations in Chatter. Would that work for you?

  12. That would be fantastic – even fantasticer would be the presence of an icon (the chatter one?) next to that document icon (the .ppt symbol) in the list row of that document that indicated the existence of a chatter conversation about that document. That way you can find good stuff that you weren’t looking for, a bit like you do when you review an account in Salesforce and see all the posts you’ve forgotten about in the past year!

    • The issue I see with doing the ‘chatter conversation’ presence icon is the API cost and performance. Certainly it would be trivial to set a flag on the SharePoint document when it is shared but then what if those conversations are deleted? How and when do we update the document. The API rate limit would preclude doing this in real-time. I will begin looking at the context-menu option and will think on this further.

      • We never delete a conversation, perhaps the simplest workaround for those that do would be for the search to error with “conversation may have been deleted”. I understand about the API limitation, but the value of the presence icon, ironically, increases the greater the time elapsed (as it would serve to remind you of historic interactions not front of your mind), so the latency could be higher. Thanks very much for looking at this, it would take us all so much further, especially if it could also apply to list items – we are a regulated investment firm that puts its operating manual in a custom list, so preserving conversations around procedure items is the perfect way to help mitigate the risk of staff turnover.

      • Hi Marc, you have been really busy. Did you manage to get round to the “chatter presence icon”?

      • Hi Simon – Yep, things have been busy here – all good. I took a crack at your suggestion but the first attempt didn’t work quite well. Trying to inject an icon into the list view web part is problematic at best. I need to take another approach – but it is still on the radar, for now.

  13. Hi Marc,
    I have a problem when installing the search module:
    Detecting installed SharePoint products…

    Detected: SharePoint Foundation 2010
    Detected: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise
    Detected: Office Web Companions 2010

    Required assemblies are not registered on this system. This command can only b
    run on a system with SharePoint 2010 Server Standard or Enterprise installed.

    installed on this server fast search – all permissions to the max

    Required assemblies?

    • Hi – by the looks of your log it seems that the utility is not detecting the FAST Search Service Application. This is usually a permissions issue. You can install the connector manually by importing the OSDX file in the ZIP file into the Federated Search settings – then edit the entry, replacing the {SITEURL} token with the URL to your site where SharePoint is installed. Be sure to also set the Kerberos option as indicated in the instructions.


    • I have no idea how Coveo works with SharePoint. The solution will probably work fine – minus the Federated Search connector – which relies on SharePoint Search or Search Server.

      • Great, not having search within your app would not be a showstopper as we have Coveo outside it.

      • Also- the web part can do in-feed searches (like looking for SP pages or documents in the feeds) which does not use the federated connector – so those will still function just fine.

    • Hi – not sure I completely understand the question. If you mean how do you authenticate as another user after you already received the token as your current user — you need to do one of the following: Have your farm administrator delete the token from your User Profile (if SharePoint Standard/Enterprise) or from the hidden CFSP_Settings list in the root site where you configured the solution.

  14. Hi Marc- We got all the way to the Authorization step on the webpart. On the popup, I am getting an error – “error=invalid_client_id&error_description=client%20identifier%20invalid”

    Any guidance?

      • Hi Mark – I was trying to set this up and getting this error “error=invalid_client_id&error_description=client%20identifier%20invalid”. I belive for evaluation version we do not need any license key or do we?. If yes, would it be possible to share the evaluation key.

      • It sounds like your SalesForce Connected Application is not setup correctly or the information was entered incorrectly in the web part and web.config.

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  16. Hey Marc!

    We installed the Snapple for SharePoint webpart, and we had a couple questions. At present, we do have a feed coming in, but not really sure why or what is going. So, here are the questions:

    1) We have checked off debugging, but nothing seems to show up in the logs. Are those entries going into the default ULS logs? If so, from Central Admin – Monitoring – Configure Diagnostic Logging is there some category/level that I should make sure we are logging for?

    2) We are using Forms authorization, and have entered in the appropriate consumer/secret key, and a default user id/password (w/ token) in the settings. When we go to initialize the webpart, we get the window saying you need to grant Chatter Authorization. When we click ‘Begin Authorization’ an incorrect URL comes up (something like):

    [removed to protect client id]

    Clicking that gives a 404, but if, I edit that URL to:

    [removed to protect client id]

    And then submit it, we get the appropriate SalesForce screens and a Verification Code.

    However, when I copy/paste that into the SharePoint modal window, we get an instant Error popup window saying that code is incorrect and to make sure we use Ctrl-A…

    We had wireshark turned on, and there does not seem to be any traffic going on when we click Save, so what is it doing there? And why do we get that error? If we can get logging to work, will it tell us more as to what is going on.

    That said, after a bunch of those errors, at some point, the Chatter feed showed up…

    Anyway, we really need to unstand what is going on, in order for us to roll this out into produc tion.

    There are a bunch more questions, but I will try to limit them to two per post 🙂

    Sorry for the looooong post.


  17. Hi we successfully tested your solution in our development environment and were preparing to get a license and move it to production. But when we installed it on our test stage we suddenly had problems with a secondary webapp. We’re using SP2010 Server with a fully functional UPS. On the secondary webapp, after putting the chatter webpart to a page, but before we actually get a chance to configure it, we get an error in the ULS logs, indicating that it has problems opening the web.config:

    System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to resolve the site ID for ”.
    at System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationHost.GetConfigPaths(IConfigMapPath configMapPath, WebLevel webLevel, VirtualPath virtualPath, String site, String locationSubPath, VirtualPath& appPath, String& appSiteName, String& appSiteID, String& configPath, String& locationConfigPath)
    at System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationHost.InitForConfiguration(String& locationSubPath, String& configPath, String& locationConfigPath, IInternalConfigRoot configRoot, Object[] hostInitConfigurationParams)
    at System.Configuration.Configuration..ctor(String locationSubPath, Type typeConfigHost, Object[] hostInitConfigurationParams)
    at System.Configuration.Internal.InternalConfigConfigurationFactory.System.Configuration.Internal.IInternalConfigConfigurationFactory.Create(Type typeConfigHost, Object[] hostInitConfigurationParams)
    at System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationHost.OpenConfiguration(WebLevel webLevel, ConfigurationFileMap fileMap, VirtualPath path, String site, String locationSubPath, String server, String userName, String password, IntPtr tokenHandle)
    at System.Web.Configuration.WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration(String path, String site)
    at ChatterForSharePoint.ChatterFeed.ChatterFeedUserControl.b__0()

    After asking google about OpenConfiguration() and the error message, we moved both webapps in a single application pool, but unfortunately this didn’t help.

    Can you help us with this? We have several webapps on our farm and want to use different aspects of the chatter webpart on each webapp.

    • Hi Udo – Sounds like the web part cannot open the web.config. Ensure that your app pool account has read/write/modify permission on the virtual directory for the new web application.

      Also – try copying the Chatter settings from the old web.config APPSETTINGS to the new one.

      • Hi Marc – Thank you for the quick help.
        As far as I can tell, the app pool account currently has full control on the web.config and the secondary webapplication isn’t new.

        We’ve already tried to copy over the chatter settings, but this also didn’t help. The error occurs in your page_load (which was removed from the stack trace above), so probably during the initial opening of the web.config.

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  20. A few observations –

    1. When you share a link from Sharepoint, you get the option to enter a Comment, but that comment is not displayed on the feed. You only get “XYZ shared a link”.

    2. In the process of entering a comment while sharing from SHarePoint, it would be nice to clear out the descriptive text as the user types in their message. Right now, it just appends to the existing message. But since the message doesn’t showup anyway (see 1), I guess it a related issue.

    3. It would help to add a “DOWN arrow” or image for the “All Chatter” link right above the post area. From an enduser standpoint, It does not appear like a pull down menu of choices and could be overlooked.

    I’d really like to see these fixed.
    Your Thoughts?

    • Hi Raj,

      1. Hmm – just checked on my dev system and I can reproduce that behavior. I’ll get that sorted out in 1.8.
      2. The descriptive text clears out on my system as I click into the field. That is handled by javascript. If you have a page error (check your f12 dev console) then the events may not fire.
      3. I will look at adding a menu indicator.

      Send me a screenshot of 2 if you can – and any error messages being thrown on the page. Note – the errors may be for objects not related to Chatter for SharePoint.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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  22. Is it possible to choose which sharepoint community you want to share the chatter post with or does it just post to your sharepoint newsfeed which is shared with everyone?

    • Hi – Due to platform restrictions imposed by Microsoft it is not technically possible to run Chatter for SharePoint on SharePoint Online or O365. Sorry.

    • Hi Marc,

      We have tried to deploy the SP Snaple and we stucked at the User Profile modification step.
      We got the following error message:

      Detecting installed SharePoint products…
      Detected: SharePoint Foundation 2013
      Detected: SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise
      Checking your farm permissions…SUCCESS!
      Checking your ability to modify the User Profile Service…SUCCESS!
      Checking your ability to invoke the User Profile Service…SUCCESS!
      Attempting to create Chatter Properties in User Profile Service…FAILED!

      Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.Client.PermissionDeniedException: Acces
      s to the requested resource(s) is denied
      at Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.Client.ResourceTemplate.Enumerate
      Resources(SearchParameters parameters)
      at Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.ResourceManager.RetrieveResources
      at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ConnectionManager.LoadConnections()
      at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ConnectionManager.Initialize(UserProf
      ileApplicationProxy userProfileApplicationProxy, Guid partitionID)
      at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ConnectionManager..ctor(UserProfileAp
      plicationProxy userProfileApplicationProxy, Guid partitionID)
      at CreateChatterProperties.Program.CreatePropertiesInUPS(String siteURL)
      As you see all the required rights verified by the PrepareSharepoint.exe and I can add new profile field through Central Admin with the account which started the PrepareSharepoint.exe
      Do you have any suggestion what can be the problem?

      Thanks in advance, Tibor

      • The account was used is member of the Farm Administrators group but don’t have admin rights on the content db. Cant it be an issue?

      • It needs to be a member of the farm admin group, with permissions on the databases and it must have full control permissions on the User Profile Service.

  23. Hi Marc,

    I am working with the evaluation version of Chatter for SharePoint along with SharePoint 2010 Enterprise. I’ve added the web part to a page and I am experiencing the following issue when configuring the web part. In the Application Path field I enter our url of I click apply and then ok. When I go back and edit the web part the Application Path field has changed to

    What might be the reason that the Application Path field is changing?

      • Which web.config do I add the key to? I added to the web.config in the ChatterForSharePoint/ClickOnce directory and now I’m getting a 500 – Internal Server Error.
        Thank you

  24. Hi Marc,
    We have the evaluation version of Chatter for SharePoint working in our TEST environment. My question is does every user that visits the page with the web part need to have a Chatter Free account? Our goal with using the Chatter for SharePoint web part is to add it to our Intranet which would give the entire company a view where they can read the chatter posts (not all employees have access to
    Thank you

    • Hi Bob, The web part can do what you want – but you must have at least one API-enabled SalesForce Chatter account to accomplish it. You will need to create the Connected Application in SalesForce and add the Consumer key and Secret to your web.config file(s) following the instructions in my user guide. You will then need to follow the steps in the guide section titled ‘API-Enabled SalesForce Account’ to ensure the account you want to use is setup correctly. Finally – set the user account and password+token in the web part properties panel. This will allow any visitor to the site to see a read-only view of the Company feed in SalesForce.

      Note – you must have a SalesForce account that has Chatter API access. You cannot use a Chatter Free account – they do not have API Access.

      • Thanks Marc,
        I’m in the process of purchasing the product. I’m not a user/admin and I’m wondering if the API-enabled SalesForce Chatter account is a technical requirement of the web part or is it just a licensing requirement from SalesForce?

        Thank you for all of your help.

      • Hi Bob – Based on your previous question if your users do not have at least Chatter Free accounts then you will need at least one API-enabled SalesForce Chatter account to use the read-only view as I described. That is a technical requirement of both SalesForce and my web part.

  25. My client wants to use your solution, so they’re trying to setup Chatter for SharePoint 2007 but they’ve got an error like this.

    They’re assuming it is because of using custom installation even they have chatter free users. Could you please help me to solve this issue?


    Info: ***** SOLUTION DEPLOYMENT *****
    Info: solution ContainsWebApplicationResource: False, applications: 0
    Info: Deploying to web application(s): All (No WebApplication Resources).
    *Error: ***** ERROR *****
    *Error: Timeout error
    Exception: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallException: Timeout error —> CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallException: Timeout error
    위치: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallProcessControl.WaitForJobCompletionCommand.Execute()
    — 내부 예외 스택 추적의 끝 —
    위치: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallProcessControl.WaitForJobCompletionCommand.Execute()
    위치: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallProcessControl.TimerEventInstall(Object myObject, EventArgs myEventArgs)

    Inner Exception: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallException: Timeout error
    위치: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallProcessControl.WaitForJobCompletionCommand.Execute()

    Info: ***** SOLUTION DEPLOYMENT *****
    Info: solution ContainsWebApplicationResource: True, applications: 1
    Info: Deploying to web application(s): SharePoint – 80.
    *Error: ***** ERROR *****
    *Error: Timeout error
    Exception: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallException: Timeout error —> CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallException: Timeout error
    위치: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallProcessControl.WaitForJobCompletionCommand.Execute()
    — 내부 예외 스택 추적의 끝 —
    위치: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallProcessControl.WaitForJobCompletionCommand.Execute()
    위치: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallProcessControl.TimerEventInstall(Object myObject, EventArgs myEventArgs)

    Inner Exception: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallException: Timeout error
    위치: CodePlex.SharePointInstaller.InstallProcessControl.WaitForJobCompletionCommand.Execute()

    • Hi Eunji – The errors you provided are coming from the codeplex solution installer. At this stage of the installation it doesn’t matter what Chatter licenses you have (free or plus). The installer is just trying to add and deploy the WSP to the default web application and site collections. All I am seeing are timeouts – which would indicate a communications problem between the installer and the farm.

      You can manually add the solution by using stsadm -o addsolution -filename chatterforsharepoint.wsp from the installation folder. Then go into Central Administration to deploy it (or see my documentation for the commands to manually deploy).

      If the customer has ANY chatter-free users, they will need to use the solution in Chatter Free Mode (setting in web part and web.config – see documentation).

      Hope that helps.



      • Marc, thank you for your quick response. I’ll share it with my client then back to you if there’s any further question.

        Best regards,

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  27. Hi Marc,

    One of my customer have tried the solution that you let me know, but still there’s an incomplete installation error occurred. Please find the attachment via link as below;

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hi Eunji,

      That error can only occur if the solution was not installed properly. EasySetup or the PrepareSharePoint utility must be run so properties in the SharePoint property bag can be created. Simply deploying the web part will not work. Re-run EasySetup from the server in the SharePoint farm hosting Central Administration – using the Farm Admin account.

      • Hi Marc,

        They followed the your instruction as below regarding the error that I posted before. So I don’t think we can get over the problem with EasySetup. Could you please help me on this?
        You can manually add the solution by using stsadm -o addsolution -filename chatterforsharepoint.wsp from the installation folder. Then go into Central Administration to deploy it (or see my documentation for the commands to manually deploy).


  28. Hi,

    I deploy your web part in our UAT server and I am facing the following error : GetToken: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at ChatterForSharePoint.Layouts.ChatterAuth.ChatterAuth.getToken()

    The webpart is display correctly, then I click on the auth link and it start authenticating against Chatter with SSO.

    Any idea?

    Many thanks,


  29. Hi Marc,

    We deployed the Chatter for SharePoint solution for SharePoint 2010 web part in our production environment today and we are hitting the 200 API-call limit. How often does the web part make an API call? Is it a fixed number of calls per minute or does it only make the call when the web page loads? Also, is this something that I can change in the configuration panel or web.config file?

    thank you,
    Bob Morgan

    • Hi Bob – Hitting the API limit is extremely rare with all of the caching going on. The API limit is per-user, per connected application. The app only makes API calls if the data in the cache has expired, a requested element is not in the cache, a manual refresh is requested by the user, or on a search query. If you are using a single API-enabled account (for example, the read only view) and that is also used for searching then you could run up against the limit more often.

      The only value you can adjust to help with this would be the Cache Timeout setting in the web part properties panel. 5 minutes is the recommended default.

      If you think there may be a wider problem, set the web part to debug mode and send the chatter.log files in the 14/logs folder to for analysis.

  30. I changed the cache to 10 minutes but it did not improve. I’ve changed it to 15 minutes and that seems to be working.
    I turned on debugging and the app pool owner has full control of the 14/logs directory but I’m not seeing anything. What should I search for in the log files “Chatter”, “Snapple”?

    • Is the web part using an API-enabled account or are users authenticating themselves?

      If it is the former, is the web part set to display the Company feed or is it set to display another feed? Reason I am asking is the caching is different for the company feed than say a group feed in version and earlier. I have one customer testing version that has a different caching scheme for the API-enabled account.

  31. The web part is using an API-enable account. The 15 minute cache time seems to be working and today I have a log file named ChatterFeed_Anonymous.log . Which is interesting because I have a segment of users that are not in an active directory domain and access SharePoint anonymously. These users are reporting that they are being prompted to sign in and are getting the 401 UNAUTHORIZED ERROR. Does the web part work in a site that has anonymous access enabled?

    • Hi Bob – You may benefit from the caching changes in version Here is the link: I have not published this change yet as I am focused on the 2.x update.

      To be honest – I have never tested this with Anonymous access because the original design criteria for the app had an assumption that users would be authenticated. The API-enabled access method was meant to provide read-only access as a precursor to authorizing your account on Chatter for full access. Now it has morphed slightly over the last 3 years but it still expects users to be authenticated. If you can send me the chatterfeed_anonymous.log file to I can try to see where it may be going wrong.

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  36. Hi Marc,

    Great solution!

    I have 2 Questions for you
    1) SSO: I’ve added the following to the web.config:
    <add key="Chatter_App_Path" value="https://.com/idp/” />

    when I paste that URL into the address bar it loads up Salesforce without login. When using your solution and authorising chatter for the first time, it takes me to the login page. Any idea what to modify?

    2) During the initial authorisation, a Click Once application launches. Is there a way of distributing that application via GPO update?


    • Cy,

      Regarding the SSO – Many customers have had success with using most SAML-based SSO options for Salesforce – but as there are many ways of doing this I can’t guarantee that every SSO method will work – as I cannot personally test every single scenario. Regretfully this is a self-supported method. I think your URL though looks malformed – https://.com does not look correct.

      2. The only supported delivery method for the ClickOnce App is via the web at this time.


      • Hi Marc, thank you for your reply.

        The url should have been: “”

        So I guess I will need to investigate further.

  37. Hi Marc, another question. In the feed web page configuration, regardless of what number I enter in the “Maximum items to return per query” I only see 3 items on screen. Any Ideas?

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  41. Hi I’m migrating from sharepoint 2013 to 2016. Now I reinstall Chatter for Sharepoint on 2016 farm. I have Evaluation key. But I see “Thank you for installing Chatter for Sharepoint. Additional configuration is required before this feature can be used…..”. I checked web part’s configuration and all fields are the same as on the 2013 farm. I tried to use https://yoursiteurl/_layouts/ChatterForSharePoint/ChatterAuth.aspx link but got the error: “Chatter: Unable to authorize Sharepoint because requiered settings are missing from CFSP_Configuration List. Could you please help me

    • Hi – please review the user guide; when setting up on a new farm you must choose an install path – either EasySetup or Custom depending on your needs. Either path creates the necessary config information in the farm to run the web part. It cannot run until this configuration information is present. Start on Page 11 of the User Guide and determine which path you want to use.

      • How should I specify this path? I use EasySetup and it doesn’t work. Still the same texts in the web part

      • they were empty because I uninstall and then install again. I didn’t install over the existing solutions and didn’t /migrate. I just filled keys with appropriate values after installation and it works OK.

      • If you are mirroring your existing install then copying the existing values will work; it should have done the same thing if you ran the PrepareSharePoint utility with your existing values for consumer key, secret, instanceurl.

    • Depends on the version of my product you are running; tls1.2 will not be supported on the SharePoint 2010 version; for SharePoint 2013/16/19 I will be releasing an update in the next week or so that will include TLS 1.2 support. You will need to be on the latest version to ensure the app continues to function after Salesforce makes this change.

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