Marc R. Davis
IT Professional, Application Developer, SharePoint Adept, and Entrepreneur

Hi – Thanks for visiting SharePointAdept – my blog on all things SharePoint – though to be fair, it did not start out that way. I had lost my Windows Live blog back in 2011 and with it a bunch of posts on the technology I use – like Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center. I started this blog to pick up and continue those conversations but then, something happened…

I became excited about another Microsoft product – SharePoint. I’ve been working with SharePoint for years – designing web parts, solutions, and branding. I made a commitment at work to be ‘the’ SharePoint Expert and really wrapped myself up in the platform and started to push the limits of SharePoint. The blog became the place I could tell the story of what we had accomplished.

I hope you find it useful and please share your comments. Thanks.




9 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Maor – I can set something up to demo the functionality but the best demo may be for you to evaluate the solution in your environment. You can download a free evaluation copy from my blog and take it for a spin.

  1. Really need your PrintIt for SharePoint but I’ve already build our site in 2013. Any chance your version will work in 2013 or do you have plans to develop a version that’s compatible?

  2. Hi – What kind of support (hand holding) could someone buy for the Chatter for SharePoint plugin? Feel free to contact me directly.

  3. Hi, Looks like a good solution. Any insite if this solution tested for large scale implementation? And any details on performance, security and data encryption? Who can provide support for this

    • Hi – This solution has been tested on intranets supporting in excess of 12,000 users – with 2000+ concurrent transactions. All traffic between the server and SalesForce is 128 Bit SSL encrypted. I am now offering 1 year support agreements. Contact me at marcdavis@comcast.net for pricing. Thanks.

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