Site Owner

12/13 UPDATE: Version is now available. Fixes an issue with OpenWebConfiguration call on web application with multiple AAMs.

The current supported version is

The purpose of this solution is to allow site administrators and content-owners to designate a user as a site’s “owner”. The selected user’s name will appear at the bottom of the left-navigation or within a custom tag that you can define. The solution also includes a feature to prompt for the site owner information when a site is provisioned. Additionally, a PowerShell script is included which can produce a report of all sites with the owner data.


  • SharePoint 2010 Server (Foundation, Standard or Enterprise; This will NOT work with Office 365)

Click here to download Site Owner for SharePoint 2010.

You can also buy a license and activate the full version of the product. The solution is licensed per-farm (not per user or front-end like a lot of other solutions).

Site Owner (2010 Version, Farm license, unlimited users) $20:


3 thoughts on “Site Owner

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  2. My recent response was incorrect. We actually had not installed this on our DEV environment, but rather in reading through the user guide, assumed this field was optional. Can you confirm if the site owner field is optional or required?

    Thanks! _Paula Crist

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