Site Owner Manager for SharePoint

1/26/2019: Site Owner Manager 2.0 is now available! Download it today!

The current supported version is

The purpose of this solution is to help resolve a longstanding issue in SharePoint – Who owns a given site? Let’s start with defining who an ‘Owner’ is. While SharePoint has the concept of Site collection administrators (users with highly elevated permissions) it has no concept of who has responsibility for the content or upkeep of an individual site. In some cases they may be one and the same, but in many cases they are different people and with different levels of permissions on the site. Sites invariably have many users with Full Control permissions – but who is the single point-of-contact out of those people? There is the concept of the Site Author/Creator – but that is not exposed anywhere in the GUI – and that value is unalterable. Over time it may not represent the person responsible for the site they created.

This solution introduces the concept of a Site Owner. The Owner would be the primary point of contact for a site – and their name would be prominently displayed on each page of the site for easy identification. An owner can be identified at time of site-provisioning, in advance or through analysis of site content and permissions. Administrators can manage and assign site owners though an easy to use interface as well as quickly identify sites with missing owners and stale or inactive owners that need updating. Administrators can define if the owner is an individual or a SharePoint Group.




  • SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 Server (Standard or Enterprise)
    • SharePoint 2019 compatibility limited to Classic Experience sites
    • This will NOT work with SharePoint Online

Download Links

Click here to download the Site Owner Manager User Guide

Click here to download Site Owner Manager for SharePoint 2013/16/19

The product will run in Evaluation Mode for 15 days after it is first installed. During the evaluation only the first 5 sites in any web application will be scanned.

You can also buy a license and activate the full version of the product. The solution is licensed per-farm (not per user or front-end like a lot of other solutions).

Site Owner Manager License  $499.00 USD

Site Owner Manager License + 1 Year Maintenance/Support $749.00 USD


4 thoughts on “Site Owner Manager for SharePoint

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  2. My recent response was incorrect. We actually had not installed this on our DEV environment, but rather in reading through the user guide, assumed this field was optional. Can you confirm if the site owner field is optional or required?

    Thanks! _Paula Crist

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