On Deck: Enhanced Document Upload for SharePoint 2013

Hi everyone. Busy week on the blog. Finishing it up with my progress on the SharePoint 2013 version of the Enhanced Document Upload solution. Like its 2010 counterpart this solution enhances the native multi-document upload experience in SharePoint – allowing you to manage and set required fields for multiple documents as they are uploaded. The 2013 version leverages and seamlessly integrates with the native drag-and-drop upload experience. I feel this is very important – in many cases the best solutions are the simplest and most transparent. No need for a complicated UI when a simple one will do. The solution also includes the Common Properties Editor so you can bulk change and check-in items at any time.

Some early screenshots:

Above: Dropping 3 files into a Document Library

Above: After the files are uploaded the common/required fields are presented

Above: The EDU is processing and checking in the newly uploaded items

Above: The final result

I expect to release the solution within the next week or so. Pricing and support will be identical to the 2010 version ($299/Farm with yearly maintenance and support for $1000/per license). If you have any questions about this new version please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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