Chatter for SharePoint Version 1.7 Released!

Hi everyone. Version 1.7 of the Chatter for SharePoint solution is now available on the blog. Please see my earlier posts and the updated documentation for details on the new features and fixes. One additional fix is included to address reported issues when using SAML/Claims based authentication.


Chatter for SharePoint 1.7 Update

Hi Everyone. Wanted to provide another status report on the version 1.7 progress. All three editions are now complete and going through extensive testing. More than 50% of the code has been updated in this version so it requires a little more testing than normal. I spent a lot of time optimizing the code, improving performance where I could and squashed a number of bugs along the way. Here is the final change log:

  • Added support for Chatter API version 28.0
  • Added initial support for Topics
  • Added the ability to set a default topic or hash tag for the web part
  • Added Post To control to target posting of content to followers or group
  • Added Find on Chatter ribbon option to allow for searching of SharePoint content on Chatter
  • Added support for viewing attachments in comments
  • Fixed issue where web part would hang following authentication
  • Fixed issue where web part could get stuck in a refresh loop if unable to write settings to web.config
  • Fixed issue where sites without the Ribbon could not authorize clients due to missing sp.js reference
  • Removed ‘Fast Load for Cached Content’ setting in web part properties panel
  • Improved Share on Chatter functionality
    • Post to group from web part and ribbon
    • Post files to group from web part and ribbon
    • Upload files from SharePoint document libraries to Chatter
  • Improved formatting of Polls
  • Improved performance of web part load times
  • Improved debug messages

Looking to release the new version the week of July 22nd. Thanks for everyone’s input and patience – and thanks for using Chatter for SharePoint!

On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint 1.7

Hi Everyone – Work continues on the next version of Chatter for SharePoint. We’re still a few weeks out from the release but I wanted to share my current progress.

  • Improved Share to Group functionality

    I’m pleased to report that Version 1.7 will have equivalent Share to Group functionality as compared to the native Chatter experience.

    The ‘Share on SharePoint’ control has been moved into the feed menu to make room for the Post-To control. Clicking the control will open a dropdown:

    Selecting ‘A Group’ will load and cache the user’s available groups:

    The post will be targeted for the selected group.

    The File Upload control (when selected) has been relocated to above the conversation box, also similar to the native Chatter experience:

    The branding and chrome of the web part has been updated to also be closer to the native experience. The Share to Group functionality will also extend to sharing items/documents on Chatter.

  • Find on Chatter

    Also in 1.7 is the ability to find selected SharePoint objects (List Items, Document, etc) that have been shared on Chatter by using the new Find on Chatter ribbon button.

    The option will appear for compatible items in the ‘Share & Track’ ribbon group. Clicking it will perform a search against Chatter and display relevant results:

    Still have some cleanup to do and then porting the changes to 2007/2013. Look for more updates in the days ahead. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and feedback!

Chatter for SharePoint Version 1.6 Released!

Hi everyone. Version 1.6 of the Chatter for SharePoint solution is now available on the blog. You can download the files for your version of SharePoint from this link.

This version includes support for uploading files to SalesForce Chatter from the web part as well as from within SharePoint Document libraries. The version also includes minor fixes and code improvements.

The Share to Group, Photo Sync and localization support are still on the backlog for a future release.

On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint 1.6

Hi Everyone – sorry it’s been awhile between posts. March was a busy month which culminated in a new job working for Automotive Resources International (ARI). Don’t worry – I’ll still be bringing you new blog posts and updates to the solutions here – especially Chatter for SharePoint.

Planning and development of version 1.6 is well underway. While the final list of new features and fixes is still to be determined, I can share what is on the drawing board.

  • File upload to SalesForce
    You’ve asked for it (I pushed back, lol) but I finally relented. Included in version 1.6 will be the ability to upload files to SalesForce Chatter from the web part.
  • Share to Group Improvements
    Looking to improve the Share to Group functionality so it is closer to the native Chatter experience
  • Photo Sync
    This one is a big MAYBE. Thinking about adding a timer-job to (optionally) sync user photos from the User Profile Service to SalesForce Chatter.
  • Multiple Language Support
    This one is also in the MAYBE category. I started the work back in 1.4 but it never got finished due to other priorities. I know a lot of you have asked for it – I am trying to fit it in.

Probably will be a lot more added to that list before 1.6 is finalized. Not seeing a feature you need? Better let me know soon so I can consider it for inclusion in 1.6. Keep that feedback coming! Thanks.

Chatter for SharePoint Version 1.5 Released!

Hi everyone. The new version of Chatter for SharePoint is now available on the blog. You can download the files for your version of SharePoint from this link.

New and updated features in this version include:

  • Added ‘Load more posts’ option to the bottom of feed to fetch next X number of feed-items into the web part
  • Added support for callback URLs to provide a better and faster authentication experience (your web applications need to be SSL for this to work; the forms authentication method is still present for non-SSL sites)
  • Added ‘Following’ filter to show all feed items from users and groups you are following
  • Added ‘Bookmarked’ filter to show all feed items you have bookmarked
  • Added support for bookmarking items from within the web part
  • Added ability to post to group when in the group feed
  • The group dropdown is now trimmed to show only groups to which you are a member
  • Fixed issue with hash tags and searching
  • Fixed Alpha filter error on Chrome
  • Fixed spelling error for Unliked link
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Also Share on SharePoint’ option was not working properly (2013)
  • Fixed issue where share box panel would not expand on the ChatterFeed form (2007)
  • Hash tags are now searchable within the web part. Just click on a hash tag within a feed item to search for all instances of the tag
  • Updated mouse-over event for bookmark/delete functionality to be on the item rather than the right-corner
  • HTTP timeout values adjusted to 30 seconds
  • New and updated debug information in the logs

Please download the latest version of the documentation for descriptions on the new features.

Chatter for SharePoint Version 1.4 Released!

Hi everyone. The new version of Chatter for SharePoint is now available on the blog. You can download the files for your version of SharePoint from this link.

New and updated features in this version include:

  • Added ability to delete posts and comments from the feed web part
  • Added poll support
  • Added new feed navigation
  • Added new feed filters
  • Added file attachment doctype icons
  • Added ‘Share from Anywhere’ control
  • Fixed issue where under certain conditions the web part would cause a loop while trying to write the license key to the web.config file
  • Fixed issue where under certain conditions users would see an Access Denied message when the solution opened a modal window
  • Many internal code improvements; new css; new and updated images

Please download the latest version of the documentation for descriptions on the new features.

Replace the SharePoint 2010 Newsfeed with SalesForce Chatter

Hi Everyone – Just a quick ‘How-To’ article on replacing the SharePoint 2010 ‘My Newsfeed’ with SalesForce Chatter using Chatter for SharePoint. Why would you want to do this? Well (in my opinion) the newsfeed feature feels incomplete. You can’t have true threaded discussions in the feed – it is more a rollup of activities within SharePoint – and the frequency of the updates depends on how your timer jobs are configured. If you are using Chatter as your social platform and SharePoint for collaboration, the My Newsfeed page would be a great place to put the Chatter for SharePoint web part.

This change is really easy to do since the My Newsfeed page is just a web part page. Using your SharePoint Administrator account (one that has site collection admin rights to the My Site host), you can edit the newsfeed page, close (don’t delete) the ‘What’s New’ web part and add the Chatter for SharePoint web part to the top zone. If you haven’t already configured the web part previously you will need to do so now (or copy the app settings into your My Site web.config file). Once you have it configured, your users will be able to see the latest updates on Chatter any time they visit the My Newsfeed link:

Above: The modified My Newsfeed page. Note that the web part title bar is hidden (set to none in the web part properties).

Hope you found this tip useful. Thanks for using Chatter for SharePoint!

PrintIt for SharePoint

It never ceases to amaze me that every iteration of SharePoint (thus far) lacks a method to print list views, items, calendars and forms in a printer-friendly format. I’m even more amazed at what some vendors charge for this ‘feature’ – I’ve see them as high as $800! (See Bamboo Solutions) There is also no shortage of JavaScript hacks or free solutions on CodePlex floating around – but none of those could handle all of the list types I was interested in. It’s precisely this reason that I wrote my own solution which I’m pleased to present to you at no charge.

Yep – Free. Why pay for a feature that should be in SharePoint to begin with?

The solution is pretty simple. You get a shiny new ribbon button on your Lists, Libraries and Display forms that allows you to print views and list items – without all of the SharePoint chrome and branding. It can print Calendars – Day, Week and Month views in a print-friendly format. It can even print InfoPath-enabled forms and all of your custom lists types.

(The Print View icon on the List ribbon)

(The Print Item icon on the Display Form)

(Example of a printed Announcement item)

You can download the solution here:  Documentation is included in the ZIP file.

I hope you find it useful. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Also – I will be at the SharePoint Conference 2012 (SPC12) in Las Vegas this November. If you are attending and would like to chat about all-things-SharePoint let me know. Take care.

Video: Chatter for SharePoint

Hi Everyone – Thanks for visiting the blog. A lot of you have contacted me asking for a demo or WebEx to illustrate the configuration and use of the Chatter for SharePoint solution. It took me a bit longer than expected (due to personal commitments and finding a nice quiet space) but I am now pleased to release a 30 minute video that goes over the prerequisites, installation, configuration and use of the Chatter for SharePoint solution. Please take a look and feel free to comment. Also – if you have not downloaded the solution yet or have been using (or looking at) the SalesForce version – I hope you will download my solution and take it for a spin.


(Recommend you view in full screen and HD for best experience)