Replace the SharePoint 2010 Newsfeed with SalesForce Chatter

Hi Everyone – Just a quick ‘How-To’ article on replacing the SharePoint 2010 ‘My Newsfeed’ with SalesForce Chatter using Chatter for SharePoint. Why would you want to do this? Well (in my opinion) the newsfeed feature feels incomplete. You can’t have true threaded discussions in the feed – it is more a rollup of activities within SharePoint – and the frequency of the updates depends on how your timer jobs are configured. If you are using Chatter as your social platform and SharePoint for collaboration, the My Newsfeed page would be a great place to put the Chatter for SharePoint web part.

This change is really easy to do since the My Newsfeed page is just a web part page. Using your SharePoint Administrator account (one that has site collection admin rights to the My Site host), you can edit the newsfeed page, close (don’t delete) the ‘What’s New’ web part and add the Chatter for SharePoint web part to the top zone. If you haven’t already configured the web part previously you will need to do so now (or copy the app settings into your My Site web.config file). Once you have it configured, your users will be able to see the latest updates on Chatter any time they visit the My Newsfeed link:

Above: The modified My Newsfeed page. Note that the web part title bar is hidden (set to none in the web part properties).

Hope you found this tip useful. Thanks for using Chatter for SharePoint!


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