PrintIt for SharePoint

It never ceases to amaze me that every iteration of SharePoint (thus far) lacks a method to print list views, items, calendars and forms in a printer-friendly format. I’m even more amazed at what some vendors charge for this ‘feature’ – I’ve see them as high as $800! (See Bamboo Solutions) There is also no shortage of JavaScript hacks or free solutions on CodePlex floating around – but none of those could handle all of the list types I was interested in. It’s precisely this reason that I wrote my own solution which I’m pleased to present to you at no charge.

Yep – Free. Why pay for a feature that should be in SharePoint to begin with?

The solution is pretty simple. You get a shiny new ribbon button on your Lists, Libraries and Display forms that allows you to print views and list items – without all of the SharePoint chrome and branding. It can print Calendars – Day, Week and Month views in a print-friendly format. It can even print InfoPath-enabled forms and all of your custom lists types.

(The Print View icon on the List ribbon)

(The Print Item icon on the Display Form)

(Example of a printed Announcement item)

You can download the solution here:  Documentation is included in the ZIP file.

I hope you find it useful. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Also – I will be at the SharePoint Conference 2012 (SPC12) in Las Vegas this November. If you are attending and would like to chat about all-things-SharePoint let me know. Take care.


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