Chatter for SharePoint 2013 Released!

Hi Everyone – I am very pleased to announce that the new 2013-compatible version of Chatter for SharePoint is now available! You can download the latest version here.

The 2010/2013 versions are functionally identical – except where differences in the platform need to be handled. The 2013 version has an updated look that honors the native SharePoint 2013 branding:

It is my intention to manage the 2010 and 2013 version in lock-step, until such time where it is not practical or 2013 gains more traction. A new version of the 2010 solution is also available which includes some cosmetic updates and fixes.

Version changes include:

  • Initial support for SharePoint 2013
  • Fixed issue where URLs to feed items in search results were linking to feeds rather than the actual item
  • Fixed issue where URLs from Links list types were returning the display-item URL rather than the URL of the actual link
  • Fixed issue where the Group breadcrumb would not reload the current feed when clicked
  • Added support for sharing 2013 Task list items
  • Added support for sharing 2013 Picture library items

The 2013 version is licensed in the same manner as the 2010 version – by farm. Same price too, just $49 USD. I’m very happy to offer solutions for both of these platforms – and to be the first to offer a 2013-compatible version. Please check them out and be sure to send me any comments or suggestions. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Chatter for SharePoint 2013 Released!

  1. Is it possible when you choose the share on sharepoint option that you can pick the specific sharepoint community you want to share with or does it just share the chatter post in your general sharepoint newsfeed with everyone?

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