11 thoughts on “New Version Available: Chatter for SharePoint 2010/2013

  1. This looks great. We are big users of Chatter desktop. Will all the content created in chatter for SharePoint feed into the chatter desktop client?

      • Fantastic, thanks. Sorry to be thick, but how does the follow model work? Can users follow custom lists as they do SFDC objects for example, and if so how does that work with SFDC’s ridiculous object limit of 500?

      • Not sure I follow what you are saying (no pun intended). This does not affect the native Chatter follow model or limits. For SharePoint pages and list/library objects you are sharing them – not ‘following’ them. Though that is an interesting idea.

  2. I see – so does your app leave a snail trail of the comments on the object “shared”?

    Yes, we have a slightly odd idea that we should expose all the “objects” of a business to be followed, so not just client accounts but key processes (as built in SP custom lists) documents etc. Using a single social portal (we like Chatter) means that we would have the ultimate “pull relevance” model, not the “push just in case” model of overloaded and uncontextualised email inboxes (i.e. the standard snafus). Happy to work with you on this one!

    • It does not tag or modify any SharePoint objects – it’s purpose (so far) is threefold: 1) Bring the Chatter feed(s) into SharePoint as a web part that reproduces the basic wall experience; 2) Provide a ribbon control to share (as posts) pages and SharePoint objects; and 3) Integrate Chatter feeds into SharePoint SearchCenter results.

  3. Hi Marc, it appears using Kerberos is a requirement for federated search. If we don’t have Kerberos setup and NTLM is the only option, what would you suggest to select in the plethora of options on that screen (p15 of the document)? Does this impact the webpart other than not serving up chatter results in SharePoint Search?

    • Hi Raj – Kerberos Authentication is required for the Federated Search connector to work. NTLM can’t pass the user’s credentials to the search page (the Search Server Service has to make the call as the user). Only the search connector is affected by the Kerberos requirement.

      If you don’t mind the conversations not being security trimmed – you can specify NTLM and give it a valid user id and password. The connector will then use the named user to search Chatter and return results. You will want to create a custom account in SalesForce that has Read permissions to your public Chatter groups. Use that account and associate to the Windows account you used in the Search Connector configuration.

      Hope that helps.


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