Coming Soon: Chatter for SharePoint 2007

I’ve received a number of inquiries on support for WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2007. Initially I did not plan to support this platform – but I’ve now decided to take a look at what would be involved to get Chatter for SharePoint working on this version. I’m happy to say it wasn’t half as bad as I feared – sort of. While the web part itself was easily ported to 2007, the other features like the Ribbon Integration and Federated Search need some tweaking.

So – expect to see a WSS 3.0/SharePoint 2007 (x86 only) compatible version of the solution soon. Final features and pricing TBD. In the meantime – here’s a screenshot of the web part running on WSS 3.0:

More details coming soon. Thanks for the feedback and comments.


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