Chatter for SharePoint: Version 1.1 Released!

Hi Everyone – Late night here at SharePoint Snapple but for a good cause. Version 1.1 of the Chatter for SharePoint solution just went live on the blog. You can download the updated bits and documentation right now.

As promised – this version contains the much anticipated SharePoint Foundation support and the new Federated Search with Chatter feature. V1.1 also includes several usability fixes and improvements. Be sure to check out the All New User Guide – every section has been updated with new information, tutorials and screen shots to make your experience with the solution the best it can be. I’m also finishing a video that I’ll post to the blog shortly which demonstrates the installation, configuration and use of the solution.

So please go download and install the new version while I get some much needed sleep. Please continue to send me your feedback and suggestions. I hope you enjoy using the new Chatter for SharePoint!


6 thoughts on “Chatter for SharePoint: Version 1.1 Released!

    • Hi Debbie – I have not started looking at Wave 15 (or SharePoint 2013) yet. The solution is fairly standard and uses SharePoint APIs – so in theory it could be deployed to it. As in all things beta it is hard to say for certain what will work and what won’t. I will be looking at the next version of SharePoint shortly. Thanks.

  1. I know your connector doesn’t support Sharepoint Online/365, but would it support using some type of hybrid setup? Both online and on-premise? I’m not a Sharepoint Guru (salesforce is my area)

    • Hi Joel, unfortunately O365 does not support server-side external communications at this time – so the web part, and the search connector, can’t function. I would love to find a way to make this work though as I get many inquiries on Office 365 support.

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