Windows Media Center Netflix Restore

12/24 UPDATE: On December 8th, Microsoft released an update for Windows Media Center (MS15-134 KB 3108669) that changes how Media Center opens URLs. With this update installed, all URLS open in Internet Explorer- outside of Media Center. It is possible that this update is breaking the Netflix addin- even with my fix deployed. If you wish to continue using the native Netflix addin you may need to remove this update from your system. Otherwise, please checkout my Netflix replacement app currently in BETA.

2/2/2016 UPDATE: The fix below no longer seems to work; While it will restore the native Netflix app – Netflix has updated the Silverlight player and it is no longer compatible with Windows Media Center remote controls. Please check my replacement app above for future Netflix support.

Greetings Fellow Streamers! As many of you are aware Microsoft and Netflix have decided to discontinue support for the Netflix addin for Windows Media Center. This unfortunately meant the removal of the application from all existing installations of Windows Media Center. As I would like to continue to have the seamless streaming experience with Netflix and Media Center I began looking at my options. While my long term goal is to replace the Netflix app with something of my own design, I have put together a ‘fix’ that will restore the native Netflix addin to a Windows Media Center installation. The folks over at The Green Button have come to the same idea for the fix – I just went a step further – isolating the single file needed and packaging it into an easy-to-use installer. The installer will backup the modified file for easy removal if desired.

The new Netflix Fix Utility can be downloaded here:

If the Fix Utility above could not help you then you can try the full Netflix Restore App:

Note: I have only tested this with Windows 7 – so if you have problems with Win 8.x let me know.

On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint 2.2

Hi Everyone! Finishing up work on the latest release of Chatter for SharePoint. Besides the usual bug fixes, this version contains significant changes to the middle-tier DLL – in part to address some reported issues around session boundaries and anomalous behavior when under high utilization. I strongly urge existing customers to test and upgrade to version 2.2 as soon as practical.

Also included in 2.2 are refinements to the Enterprise Licensing model. The system now looks at registered (authorized) profiles when determining the user count. This will greatly simplify the licensing of the product. If the user count exceeds the licensed count, no new users can join conversations – but existing authorized users will continue as normal. I’ll be retiring the License Calculator tool as it will not be needed going forward.

There are also some improvements to caching when using the API-enabled account. I am finishing regression testing and documentation changes. Look for the updated solutions on the blog soon. Thank you!

Chatter for SharePoint Update: API Access

Hi Everyone! One additional feature is making its debut in the 2.1 release: API Access. The solution now includes an ASMX Web Service which will be used to expose a variety of functionality. First off is the ability to create new posts to your feed or a group feed with the PostToChatter method. It will use the calling user’s access token to create a feed item in Chatter – so yes, all calls to the web service must be authenticated.

Additional methods and properties will be made available in future releases. Check out the updated documentation when released for more details and examples. Thanks for using Chatter for SharePoint!

On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint 2.1

Hi Everyone. Just a quick update to share with you on the next release of Chatter for SharePoint. Version 2.1 is going through testing at the moment and will be released before the end of May. The full change list is below but I wanted to highlight a few significant changes:

Acceptable Use Policy

Several customers have inquired about requiring users to accept terms-of-use prior to participating on social platforms. Version 2.1 allows you to enable a feature to require users to read and accept terms of use (via a file you supply) prior to completing the authorization process. Proof of acceptance is logged on the server in the authorization log file. See the updated documentation for details on configuring and enabling this feature.

EasySetup Improvements

Another highly requested feature was the ability for the EasySetup and PrepareSharePoint utilities to update the web configuration on remote servers. This can now be accomplished – provided each server has the IIS Remote Administration feature enabled. Run ‘ASPNET_REGIIS -CONFIG+’ on each server in the farm prior to running EasySetup/PrepareSharePoint and it will be able to update all of the web.config files for you.

Other updates/improvements

  • Adds support for Acceptable Use Policy acknowledgement during authorization
  • Adds support for opening object types: Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities
  • Adds support for jpeg/png/bmp image previews
  • Improvements to API-enabled user account error handling
  • Updates to EasySetup and PrepareSharePoint now allow remote editing of web.config files on multi-server farms
  • Fixes an issue in Read Only Mode where the ‘Like’ names were clickable

Look for version 2.1 to be released shortly on the site. Thanks again to my customers who suggested some of these improvements and I hope you continue to find this solution useful.

Just Released: Enhanced Document Upload 2.0

Hi Everyone – I am pleased to announce the availability of the 2.0 release of the Enhanced Document Upload solution for SharePoint 2010/2013. Besides bug fixes and code optimization, this version includes the new Common Properties Editor – with the ability to select what fields get updated across the selected items. As promised – all 1.x customers can upgrade to 2.x at no charge.

If you have not purchased the solution yet please download and try the solution for 15 days in evaluation mode. As always – I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

On Deck: Enhanced Document Upload 2.0

Hi Everyone – wanted to share some exciting news. The next major release of the Enhanced Document Upload solution will be out soon (hopefully before Christmas if I can get the testing and documentation completed). Besides bug fixes and code improvements, 2.0 has some exciting new features – including a major update to the Common Properties Editor.

The new solution allows you to select which fields you want to update across the selected items:

Above: The Common Properties Editor screen

Only selected fields will be updated. This has been a much requested feature and I am pleased to finally offer it to you. And – as a ‘Christmas Gift’ to my 1.x customers – the 2.x solution will be a no-charge upgrade! Look for the solution on the blog in the coming days.

Happy Holidays!

Just Released: Chatter for SharePoint 2.0

Chatter for SharePoint 2.0

The wait is over. It’s been a year since I announced the project to create the next major release of Chatter for SharePoint. In that year I released 7 new or updated solutions, saw a 295% increase in traffic to my blog and made many new connections. Chatter for SharePoint now has a per-user installation base approaching 500,000 seats. I am in awe and thankful to each of my customers for choosing to invest in my solution.

My goal has been and continues to be to build the best SharePoint stuff on Earth. I absolutely believe that Chatter for SharePoint is the best solution for integrating SharePoint and SalesForce Chatter. Here are a few key reasons:

  • The fastest installation – up and running in less than 5 minutes using my exclusive EasySetup Installer. Watch the video and see for yourself how easy this solution is to install.
  • A robust set of features1 including the Feed and Search Web Parts; integration with SharePoint pages, lists and libraries; File Uploads; Sync profile information; and more!
  • New support for @mentions, topics and trending; new Files feed; support for Cases; improved Read-Only views and support for RSS rendering of feed data.
  • A clean and customizable UI that you can tweak to fit your company branding
  • The only solution to support Chatter Free and Chatter Plus users; and for all current versions of SharePoint, including 20072, 2010 and 2013.

I encourage you to download the 15 day evaluation and experience it for yourself. Let me know what you like and what you think could be better. Many of the features in the 2.0 release are based on customer feedback and suggestions.

When you are ready to purchase I have two license options for you – Standard and Enterprise. The Standard License includes the Feed web part functionality on a single farm with unlimited users for $299. The Enterprise License includes all of the solution functionality starting at $599 + per-user licenses. Contact me to request more information and a quote.

Visit the Chatter for SharePoint page to get started. Thank you!

Some features require the Enterprise license.
Chatter for SharePoint 2007 supported up to version