On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint 2.2

Hi Everyone! Finishing up work on the latest release of Chatter for SharePoint. Besides the usual bug fixes, this version contains significant changes to the middle-tier DLL – in part to address some reported issues around session boundaries and anomalous behavior when under high utilization. I strongly urge existing customers to test and upgrade to version 2.2 as soon as practical.

Also included in 2.2 are refinements to the Enterprise Licensing model. The system now looks at registered (authorized) profiles when determining the user count. This will greatly simplify the licensing of the product. If the user count exceeds the licensed count, no new users can join conversations – but existing authorized users will continue as normal. I’ll be retiring the License Calculator tool as it will not be needed going forward.

There are also some improvements to caching when using the API-enabled account. I am finishing regression testing and documentation changes. Look for the updated solutions on the blog soon. Thank you!


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