Just Released: Enhanced Document Upload 2.0

Hi Everyone – I am pleased to announce the availability of the 2.0 release of the Enhanced Document Upload solution for SharePoint 2010/2013. Besides bug fixes and code optimization, this version includes the new Common Properties Editor – with the ability to select what fields get updated across the selected items. As promised – all 1.x customers can upgrade to 2.x at no charge.

If you have not purchased the solution yet please download and try the solution for 15 days in evaluation mode. As always – I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Just Released: Enhanced Document Upload 2.0

  1. Hello and thank you for providing this. I am looking for a solution to download Amazon Instant Prime and purchased movies on my Windows 7 Pro PC. Unless I misunderstood, I believe this would allow me to do just this.

    I am a super-newbie, so forgive my question… I downloaded the ZIP file, but scanned it first and was told Symantec found PUA.Gen.2 and called it a virus. Should I be concerned? Thank you in advance for your time/help!


    • You need to disable your antivirus software – it is mis-detecting one of the components as a virus. Reinstall after disabling your AV product. Note – this solution will NOT download movies – it is for streaming Amazon content from within Windows Media Center.

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