Chatter for SharePoint 3.0 – Development Update

Hi Everyone! The wait is nearly over. The next major release of Chatter for SharePoint is only a few weeks away! This is by far the most significant update yet – adding many new features and performance improvements. As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest challenges was updating all of the feed logic to support the newer Chatter API format. All of those changes are now complete and this will lead to even more functionality in the future.

Here are just some of the improvements and changes:

  • Adds support for Chatter REST API versions 32 and higher
  • Adds new Rich Text Editor; disabled by default in version 3.0
  • Adds support for displaying and composing rich-text feed posts and comments
  • Adds support for displaying additional record types: Events, Tasks, Calls
  • Adds support for uploading and displaying multiple files in posts
  • Adds support for uploading an attachment when posting comments
  • Adds user influence details to user-action menus
  • Adds support for using Chrome/Firefox and the user-agent ClickOnce authorizer
  • Adds support for Muted feed and the ability to mute or unmute feed items
  • Adds sort order control to information panel
  • Adds indicators for edited posts and comments
  • Adds feed view counts
  • Up to a 50% performance improvement when loading the web part and performing feed actions
  • Improvements to branding and UI components
  • Following Feed renamed to ‘What I Follow’ to align with Chatter Web UI
  • Updates to feed layout to better align with Chatter Web UI
  • Support for latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Additional improvements to caching and asynchronous page loading
  • Significant application refactoring
  • Fixed missing UI translated resources
  • Improvements to EasySetup and related utilities

And some screenshots – because everyone loves screenshots:

The Feed Web Part

Support for rendering rich-text posts

Support for uploading and displaying multiple attachments

Share/Find options in context-menus in addition to the ribbon

I am targeting to release the on-prem version on or before March 15th. Solution is going through testing and documentation changes now. Subscribers of my SharePoint Online solution will start to see 3.0 in their TEST instance by the end of March.

The on-prem 3.0 release supports SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019*. Existing customers under maintenance can upgrade to 3.0 at no charge – but you will need a new license key. Pricing remains the same as the 2.x version for new customers or those not under maintenance. Contact me with any questions or concerns. As always – thank you to my customers who continue to invest in this solution; I truly appreciate it.

*Support for SharePoint 2019 limited to Classic Experience sites only.


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