NetflixMCE BETA Now Available!

Greetings Streamers! As promised I have the new Netflix for Windows Media Center app ready for you guys to test. Click here to download the installer.

If you choose to download and test this version I only ask that you provide feedback to me as to how it worked – or didn’t work. Instructions for providing feedback are included in the Release Notes file.

Couple of notes:

  • This is BETA software. It is not finished. It has bugs. It is (probably) not wife-friendly. It may not work like you expect. It may smell bad or scratch your furniture. Use at your own risk.
  • This version DOES NOT replace the native Microsoft/Netflix application. That app will still be there if you should choose to continue using it.
  • This has only been tested on Windows 7 SP1; it ‘should’ work on Windows 8.x as well. Let me know.
  • No – I am not supporting the Windows 10 Media Center hack that is out there.
  • Please – Read the Release Notes BEFORE you install.

OK – that’s it. Start downloading and let me know how you like it; what you don’t and what can be improved.


6 thoughts on “NetflixMCE BETA Now Available!

  1. Feedback:
    Installed on an extended PC. Worked well. Installed on my main PC (living room) and have issues with multiple screen setup. This computer has 3 monitors – 2 widescreen monitors for normal use of the pc, including maintenance of the htpc, and the 3rd is a 70 inch widescreen. When I launch the Beta version, it comes up on the primary screen (pc use) and not the standard screen WMC runs (TV). I’ve tried a few tricks, including making my browsers default to the large screen, but no help.

    Thanks for your hard work and effort.

  2. Nice work! Once I signed into Netflix via IE, all was fine with navigating and playing.

    There is a strange icon in the tray after closing out WMC and Netflix, but it goes away when the mouse is hovered over it. I’m guessing that’s part of your app…

    Looking forward to updates as needed. 🙂

    Thanks… Dan

  3. Love the icon – just not wild about the “The NetflixMCE program has stopped responding and you will be returned to Windows Media Center” message.

    • Love the sarcasm. Most likely your Antivirus product has blocked or disabled the mongoose web server. Uninstall the addin, disable your AV software or add an exclusion for ‘mongoose.exe’ and reinstall.

  4. Just installed this. Had trouble getting it to work… The fix for me was to log in and then stream a video from Internet Explore before I installed and ran the plugin. Just logging into Netflix from IE didn’t work. If you have issues rename the PlayReady file named mspr.hds. To do that you will have to stop Windows Media Center Receiver. If you google that you will get instructions. Thank you for the great plugin. Now I just need to overcome the token errors with Amazon!

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