Hi Everyone! This post is to introduce a new project which I hope will add value to the Windows Media Center/Ceton community. As a proud and happy owner of a Ceton InfiniTV6 ETH tuner I wanted to find a way to deal with periodic reboots of the Ceton device. When the tuner device restarts (for whatever reason) Windows Media Center loses connectivity to the tuners until the PC is restarted. Not a fan of that behavior so I thought I could improve it.

Introducing CetonMonitor – a small command-line utility which can read the InfiniTV uptime and determine if the device has been restarted/rebooted. Once it has detected that – it automatically restarts the Windows Media Center Receiver service and the Media Center GUI. These two actions re-enabled the WMDRM pairing and within a minute LiveTV has been restored. No rebooting the PC or worse – you’re not home to reboot the PC and you lost hours of recordings.

This was made for my setup in mind – but I decided it was useful enough that the community may benefit from it. Disclaimer – this is a 1.0 release; I have not had time yet to work out every possible scenario. Expect updates and improvements as I gather feedback.

You can download the utility from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8BoYZ4_2RhYZXRxSmxZX0R1R2c

I hope you find it useful!


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