NetflixMCE BETA Now Available!

Greetings Streamers! As promised I have the new Netflix for Windows Media Center app ready for you guys to test. Click here to download the installer.

If you choose to download and test this version I only ask that you provide feedback to me as to how it worked – or didn’t work. Instructions for providing feedback are included in the Release Notes file.

Couple of notes:

  • This is BETA software. It is not finished. It has bugs. It is (probably) not wife-friendly. It may not work like you expect. It may smell bad or scratch your furniture. Use at your own risk.
  • This version DOES NOT replace the native Microsoft/Netflix application. That app will still be there if you should choose to continue using it.
  • This has only been tested on Windows 7 SP1; it ‘should’ work on Windows 8.x as well. Let me know.
  • No – I am not supporting the Windows 10 Media Center hack that is out there.
  • Please – Read the Release Notes BEFORE you install.

OK – that’s it. Start downloading and let me know how you like it; what you don’t and what can be improved.