Windows Media Center Netflix Restore

12/24 UPDATE: On December 8th, Microsoft released an update for Windows Media Center (MS15-134 KB 3108669) that changes how Media Center opens URLs. With this update installed, all URLS open in Internet Explorer- outside of Media Center. It is possible that this update is breaking the Netflix addin- even with my fix deployed. If you wish to continue using the native Netflix addin you may need to remove this update from your system. Otherwise, please checkout my Netflix replacement app currently in BETA.

2/2/2016 UPDATE: The fix below no longer seems to work; While it will restore the native Netflix app – Netflix has updated the Silverlight player and it is no longer compatible with Windows Media Center remote controls. Please check my replacement app above for future Netflix support.

Greetings Fellow Streamers! As many of you are aware Microsoft and Netflix have decided to discontinue support for the Netflix addin for Windows Media Center. This unfortunately meant the removal of the application from all existing installations of Windows Media Center. As I would like to continue to have the seamless streaming experience with Netflix and Media Center I began looking at my options. While my long term goal is to replace the Netflix app with something of my own design, I have put together a ‘fix’ that will restore the native Netflix addin to a Windows Media Center installation. The folks over at The Green Button have come to the same idea for the fix – I just went a step further – isolating the single file needed and packaging it into an easy-to-use installer. The installer will backup the modified file for easy removal if desired.

The new Netflix Fix Utility can be downloaded here:

If the Fix Utility above could not help you then you can try the full Netflix Restore App:

Note: I have only tested this with Windows 7 – so if you have problems with Win 8.x let me know.


20 thoughts on “Windows Media Center Netflix Restore

  1. Thankyou so much for your generous efforts. I was on the hunt for an MCE replacement solution when I figured I’d try looking at your site to see if you had something. And behold there it is…

    I hope it works through the holidays and that Netflix doesn’t change their API/player requirements too much.

    Until then, best wishes.

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  4. Scratch my question about search. The linked thread has a fix for that.

    I A) can’t begin to say how happy this makes me and especially my wife who is used to accessing Netflix via mce via my house htpcs. And B) can’t begin to communicate how angry I am at Microsoft and Netflix for Disabling a working feature. This is like buying a car and then a few years later the dealer disables the power windows. Complete and utter bu******

    Windows 7 is still the most popular OS and is currently supported. There was no reason not to continue supporting Netflix.

    What’s next? They completely walk away from mce and a small but extremely loyal and well heeled fan base who will glad pay whatever MS charges for Media Center? Oh wait…..

  5. Has something changed over the past few days with WMC Netflix? I never lost the app because I’ve always had updates turned off on my media centres but when I launch a movie the remote no longer works and my htpc seems to go to sleep after 10 mins of watching something.

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