On Deck: Enhanced Document Upload 3.0

Hi Everyone! The next major release of the Enhanced Document Upload solution is nearly ready. In a few weeks I will be sending invites out to select customers to help me beta test the new version and then we will quickly get it out to the masses. The key new feature in this version is support for Content Types. When uploading documents to a library with content types enabled users will have the option of using the default content-type and setting common properties that each item will inherit – or to use the new Enhanced Editor which will give users granular control of setting the content-type and properties for each item uploaded.

Some screenshots:

Above: Files uploaded to a library with multiple content-types will cause SharePoint to prompt for how to handle the files. Choosing ‘Use Default Content Type’ will cause the editor to use the default content type on the library for each item – and each item will share the same metadata that is entered. If you choose ‘Select Each Content Type’ then the app will load the selected items into the new Enhanced Editor – where you can select the content type and properties for each item. Each item is processed individually and checked in automatically.

Above: The new Enhanced Editor. The grid at the top lists all of the uploaded items. It will automatically advance through the items as you save them; or you can select files from the grid to work on in any order you like. The selected item’s properties are shown below the grid. In this mode you work with individual items – each can have its own unique properties. Click Finish when you are done editing.

List of improvements in this release

  • Support for Content Types
  • New Enhanced Editor for managing multiple content-type uploads
  • Improved support for single-item editing
  • New licensing scheme – no more editing web.config files
  • Many other bug fixes and UI tweaks

Supported platforms

  • SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016

Licensing and Pricing Changes

This version has represented a significant amount of effort and resources to bring to completion. As some of you may remember I previously made version 2.x available to all of the existing 1.x customers at no charge. Unfortunately that won’t be the case here. The retail price of the 3.x solution is moving from $299 to $499. Existing customers can upgrade from 2.x to 3.x for $99 per farm. As always – these licenses are per-farm; there are no per-user or per-frontend licenses to worry about. If there are any questions about the licensing or the new version – please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Look for additional updates soon. Thank you!


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