On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint

Hi Everyone. As you may have noticed I’ve spent the last several weeks finishing and releasing other SharePoint solutions on the blog. It certainly has been busy, and the feedback has been great – keep it coming.

Wanted to spend a few minutes to bring you up-to-speed on the next release of Chatter for SharePoint. This build will continue to evolve existing features and add some requested functionality. Also trying to hit a few backlog items – we’ll see how far we get.

New features in include:

  • Ability to Share posts
  • User Profile Sync with Chatter (Photo only; SharePoint 2010/1013 Standard/Enterprise with User Profile Service configured)
  • New Read-Only mode (can be set per web part instance)
  • New option to disable file uploads from the web part (can be set in web.config or per web part instance)
  • New option to disable the ‘Share on SharePoint’ feature (can be set in web.config or per web part instance)
  • New site-scoped feature to enable/disable the ribbon integration components
  • New evaluation code and in-app license purchasing
  • Minor fixes

Still in the design-phase is the User Profile Sync with Chatter. Hoping that makes it into this release. The first version of the User Profile Sync timer job will be included in this release. At this time the only profile field which is editable from the REST API is the user’s photo. Hopefully that will change in the future. New and changed photos will sync automatically with SalesForce Chatter.  The new read-only and ‘feature-disable’ functionality is useful if running the web part on a public site or to provide simple feed data without the interactive capabilities.

Not seeing a feature you would like in the solution? Let me know and it could be in a future release. Thanks for using Chatter for SharePoint!


2 thoughts on “On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint

  1. Hi,

    Does your product have support for linking Chatter documents in Sharepoint with the document automatically getting indexed and searchable in Sharepoint?

    If linking is supported, can your tell how access control to linked Sharepoint documents is handled, both to provide access to the document to allow Sharepoint to index the Chatter the document, and ACL permissions for users searching documents?


    • Hi Jim, not sure if I understand what you mean by Linked Chatter documents. All posts to Chatter from SharePoint (with or without files) are indexed by SalesForce Chatter. The SharePoint Federated Search Connector (for 2007/2010 at least) uses Kerberos to identify the user and will security-trim search results automatically in SharePoint. If you cannot use Kerberos (or are on 2013) then the results will be trimmed to a specific named user (usually a special query API-enabled account you setup in SalesForce just for this purpose). If I understand your question my product will do what you want.


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