NEW: Enhanced Web Part Settings

Hi Everyone! I have another cool (and free) solution to share with you: The Enhanced Web Part Settings. This solution is based on a blog I read a few years back on how to change the behavior of the web part properties panel. Normally when you edit a web part the panel opens to the right of the layout – and pushes everything to the left. It is also fixed to the top of the page – so if you are editing a web part that is lower on the page you will be scrolling a bit. I never liked this behavior and when I started designing fixed-width Intranets I realized I needed a better solution. So I found the work of blogger ‘jenyayel’, tweaked it a bit and have been using it ever since. This solution moves the web part properties panel into a modal window – making it easier to see and edit the settings. It also looks a lot nicer than the native experience and works great for fixed-width Intranets. I have found it useful – I hope you do too.

Click here to download the Enhanced Web Part Settings solution.

Above: The Enhanced Web Part Settings solution in action.


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