Coming Soon: Site Owner for SharePoint 2010

Hi Everyone. Work is nearly complete on the Site Owner control for SharePoint 2010. This solution will allow administrators to designate one user as a site’s ‘Owner’. The owner’s name will appear on each page at the bottom of the left-navigation (see screenshots below). The left-nav was chosen as it should be present on most intranet layouts. We’re inheriting the CSS of the left navigation too – so if you’ve branded your site the control will honor it. Also thinking about offering another spot to display the Owner’s name – or providing variables where you can plug the name into your branding as you see fit.

Looking to release the first version this week. A 15 day evaluation will be available. The solution will be priced at $20 per farm – very reasonable.

Some early screenshots:

The Site Owner settings in Site Settings

The Site Owner Settings Modal

The Site Owner control on a Blank Site

The User Name in the control is a hyperlink to the user’s My Profile page. If you have LCS/OCS installed in your AD (and are syncing the SIP Address) the control will show extended SIP information as well. You can also remove the Site Owner by going back into the settings page and clicking Remove (not shown).

I’m also going to provide some PowerShell goodness that will produce a report of all your Site Owners and an optional feature to force admins to specify a Site Owner when creating a new site.

As always I welcome feedback and suggestions. Look for the first version of the Site Owner control on the blog soon!


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