Chatter for SharePoint and SalesForce Summer 13

Hi Everyone – It has come to my attention that the Summer 13 release which is being pushed out later this month has a number of updates regarding Remote Access – specifically that they have been converted to Connected Applications. I am in the process of testing Summer 13 now and making minor modifications to support it going forward.

For the most part, Chatter for SharePoint versions and earlier will work with Connected Applications, provided that the following two OAuth Scopes are set in the profile: ‘Access and manage your Chatter feed (chatter_api)’ and ‘Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token)’. If after upgrading to Summer 13 you find the Chatter for SharePoint solution has stopped working check your OAuth settings on SalesForce and make sure these two scopes are selected.

Additionally – SalesForce changed some of the JSON being returned which is causing user photos to not be shown (it shows the default blank person image). I am updating and retesting Chatter for SharePoint to handle the differences. Version and later will support Summer 13.

Look for the updated bits shortly here on the blog. Thanks!

UPDATE: Version is now available.


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