On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint 1.5

Good evening (or whatever time of day it is where you are) and welcome back to SharePoint Snapple. Another week – another new version of Chatter for SharePoint is getting ready to be released. You guys keep asking for features and I’m happy to deliver. Here is what we have coming up in 1.5:

  • Added ‘Load more posts’ option to the bottom of feed to fetch next X number of feed-items into the web part
  • Added support for callback URLs to provide a better and faster authentication experience (your web applications need to be SSL for this to work; the forms authentication method is still present for non-SSL sites)
  • The group dropdown is now trimmed to show only groups to which you are a member
  • Fixed issue with hash tags and searching
  • Hash tags are now searchable within the web part. Just click on a hash tag within a feed item to search for all instances of the tag
  • New ‘Following’ filter to show all feed items from users and groups you are following
  • New ‘Bookmarked’ filter to show all feed items you have bookmarked
  • Added support for bookmarking items from within the web part
  • Updated mouseover event for bookmark/delete functionality to be on the item rather than the right-corner
  • Fixed Alpha filter error on Chrome
  • HTTP timeout values adjusted to 30 seconds
  • New and updated debug information in the logs

Some screenshots:

Above: Navigation showing the new ‘Following’ and ‘Bookmarked’ filters

Above: Bookmarked items and the add bookmark control (on mouseover)

Above: Searching for hash tags within the web part

Still a few more things to fit in before I close up development on 1.5. Expect to see it on the blog in the next 2 weeks. Thanks for all the suggestions!


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