Common Properties Editor

Hi all – another post on how SunGard is enhancing their user’s experiences with SharePoint 2010. This one is closely related to the last post regarding the Multiple Document Upload with Required Fields. After we deployed that solution, the next logical step was to give our users the ability to edit the common properties of multiple documents already in the library.

(The Edit Common Properties ribbon button – only available when 2 or more items are selected)

(4 documents selected)

When you click on the button, the feature collects the selected items and builds a list of the common fields. It then opens the property editor. We’re using the native editform.aspx page (unmodified) and some jQuery to hide the unwanted fields:

(The Common Properties Editor modal window, before changes. Only the values common to all items are shown.)

Make your changes and click ‘Save’. An event handler for itemUpdating takes care of the changes. The selected documents properties will be updated accordingly:

Again – it is a really simple feature that adds a lot of value and saves our users time. Coming up next – a look at the custom navigation system that SunGard designed for their intranet – The Mega Menu.

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