Enhanced Document Upload

5/17/2021 UPDATE: Version of the Enhanced Document Upload solution is now available! Includes compatibility fixes for RecordPoint and other updates – see change log for full details.

The current supported version is

The purpose of this solution is to provide a better experience when uploading multiple files into a document library that has required fields. When using the native upload process, files uploaded to such a library are checked-out by default – which then requires the user to edit each file, update the required fields and then save/check-in the item. The Enhanced Document Upload solution saves you time by allowing you to upload files and simultaneously complete the required fields. The files are then updated with the supplied values and checked-in to the library – automatically.

The solution also includes the Common Properties Editor – a feature which adds a ribbon button to your document libraries that is clickable when two or more documents are selected. It allows you to edit the common properties and apply the same values to all selected items. It will also automatically check-in any items that require it.


  • SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 Server (Foundation, Standard or Enterprise; This will NOT work with Office 365)
    • NOTE: The 2019 version is only compatible with Classic Experience sites.
  • 2010 Client Requirements: Microsoft Office 2003 (or later) Components; 32-bit Internet Explorer 7 or later (64-bit Internet Explorer versions are not supported)
  • 2013/2016 Client Requirements: Internet Explorer 8 or later; See SharePoint 2013 Browser Support Matrix for full requirements: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263526.aspx 

Current SharePoint 2010 customers can download the final version of the EDU ( by clicking here.

Click here to download Enhanced Document Upload for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 (Current)

You can also buy a license and activate the full version of the product. The solution is licensed per-farm (not per user or front-end like a lot of other solutions).

Enhanced Document Upload (2013/2016/2019 Version, Farm license, unlimited users) $499:

For upgrade licenses or other purchasing options please email sales@sharepointadept.com – thank you.

I am now offering 1 year renewable support agreements which you can purchase for an additional fee. The agreement includes priority support with an initial 24-hour response. Contact me to discuss or purchase this option.


36 thoughts on “Enhanced Document Upload

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  4. Hi, we recently purchased the Enhanced Document Upload add-in which is turning out to be a very useful piece of software. However, many of our users prefer to use the ‘+ Add Document’ link to upload files. This link only provides the option for the out-of-the-box ‘Upload Multiple Files…’ (besides uploading individual files, of course) which means that the mandatory properties cannot be added and the file is left checked out. Is there any way that the Enhanced Document Upload could also be included in the ‘+ Add Document’ options? As a short-term fix, I have tried editing the library properties to select ‘No Toolbar’, thereby removing this ‘+ Add Document’ link, but a side effect of this is that the Enhanced Document Upload option then disappears from the ribbon options, being replaced again with the standard out-of-the-box ‘Upload Multiple Files’ button.

    If this is not something that can be fixed using the current version, can I recommend it as an enhancement to the next release? Many thanks.

    • Hi Nicholas,

      I’m glad that you have found the solution useful. Great suggestion regarding the ‘Add Document’ link. Not sure why the Enhance Upload would disappear if the toolbar was not present. I’ll investigate adding a feature to replace the Add Document link in the next release of the solution. I appreciate your feedback!

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  6. Hello, I’ve installed a trial version but getting this error when clicking on “Enhanced Document Upload”
    Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to resolve the site ID for ‘SP Dev Home’.

    • Hi Tanya – Sorry you’re having trouble. Let me see what we can do. Please send the following to support@sharepointsnapple.com: SharePoint Edition and version/service pack level plus: Reproduce the issue while using the Problem Step Recorder (START, Run, type PSR.EXE) and send me the resulting file along with the ULS logs from the server at the time of the error.

  7. We recently purchased Enhanced Upload and it has been working well. I did run into an interesting situation. If you name a field “File Type” the meta-data is only applied to the first file that is uploaded. As soon as I changed the column name to something else it worked.

    • Hi Kyle – Did some investigating. ‘File Type’ is a reserved hidden fieldtype on all document libraries. Your new field-type is getting a different internal name (as expected) but the after-properties bucket is only picking up fields by Display Name. Tried several workarounds but SharePoint insists on returning the built-in field rather than the user-generated one. You probably didn’t even realize that is was a reserved field – I didn’t – but duplicate fields can’t be supported. If you rename the field it should work fine again.

  8. I had a user the other day report that they could only add 100 files at a time. Is that a hard limit set by the control or is that a configurable limit? I didn’t see any settings at the site/site collection level for the control but it’s possible I’m looking in the wrong place.

  9. This product looks like the answer we’ve been looking for. We haven’t installed the trial version yet but I did have a question. We have a required field that is a Managed Metadata column connected to our term store. Using the Enhanced Document Upload for SharePoint 2013 are we able to select items from the term store or does this only work for single line of text columns?

  10. Hi, we have a requirement of having the users fill-in the metadata prior to uploading the documents to the library. Is this something that the tool can do? What happens when the users chooses to select Cancel on the properties form that is presented after the upload form? Are the documents still saved?

    • Hi – the documents are still saved to the library but are checked out to the user who uploaded them. They will not be visible to anyone else until the metadata is updated and they are checked in.

  11. Hi there, your solution looks like it might be great for a client of mine. Wondering if you can force enhanced document upload to be the default behaviour when upload document is clicked – instead of having to select it from the dropdown?

    • Yes – The 2010 version includes a feature to disable the native multi-document upload ribbon button and replace it with the Enhanced Document Upload functionality. The 2013 version does not require it as the solution augments the native drag-n-drop behavior.

  12. Hi, This solution is very nice, I saw the demo video also.i’m getting a problem upon installation of this solution.

    I’ve downloaded the “enhance file uploader” free version in SP2013, I’ve depolyed the solution in server, activated the “Enhance File uploader” timer fetaure with powershell, activated the “Common Properties Editor” and i’ve deactivated the MDS feature from site features, but still i’m not getting “Drag and Drop” functinlaity in “Document libraries” I sthere anything I’ve missed here?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi – you are sure you have enabled the Enhanced Document Upload feature successfully in the site collection you are testing? Couple of things – if you open the F12 Debug console in IE and leave it open while you drag-drop files into the library do you see any errors reported in the console window?

      Second – is the site using a language other than English? If so – save the page source to a text file and send it to support@sharepointsnapple.com for me to review.

      • Thanks for your quick reply Davis,

        Yes, I’m sure.I’ve installed “Enhanced Document Upload feature” successfully in the site collection, but still i’m not getting “Drag and Drop” functinlaity in “Document libraries”.

        I’ve removed all the cache on server and did the IIS Reset also.

        My site IE language is English.I’ll send source to support@sharepointsnapple.com.

  13. We are using SP2013, any idea why the following error occurred when we were trying to Activate that feature in Site Collection? We are using Farm Admin ID.

    Unable to activate feature. The EnhancedUpload feature must be activated by a Farm Administrator and the Application Pool account must have permission to update the web.config file in the IIS virtual directory.

    • Hi Frank – See the User Guide for details on this. You may be unable to activate the feature remotely. Try performing the activation from one of the servers in the farm or running the powershell command in the User Guide to activate it.

  14. Eventually I managed to activate the feature via PowerShell, but now when I try to use it’s drag and drop function in SP2013 Foundation library, it came out “Sorry, something went wrong, an unexpected error has occurred “

  15. We have installed the trial version of the Enhanced Document Uploade and when drag-and-drop multiple documents into our test library we receive this error: “The Enhanced Document Upload was unable to process the files. See the ULS logs for error details.” It has been difficult to find the particular event in the logs. Has this been reported before or do you have any suggestions?
    Also, would you consider contracting yourself out to perform custom work as an enhancement to the Enhanced Document Upload solution you have created?

    • Hi Tom, the logs will be in the 14/15 Logs folder. Starting with version the app logs it’s own events to separate log files in the Logs folder. Send me those log files along with the ULS logs for the time period covering the time you received the error and I will see what is going wrong. Email to: support@sharepointsnapple.com. Send me details to what you are looking for with regards to the custom enhancements.

      • I have checked the logs on the servers and I haven’t found any separate log files. I have check both of the app servers as well as both front ends. On all of the server I have checked the default logs location and where we have the ULS log saved with no luck.
        would it be possible to have a conference call?

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  17. Hi,
    We have installed the trial version of the Enhanced Document Upload and looks like it can resolve our multiple upload requirement. I have a question about the license. If we apply the license to our current Share Point 2013 farm, later on we upgrade the share point version, will this license still work or we need a new license? Thank you.

    • Hi – the license is tied to the SharePoint Farm. I don’t believe in-place upgrades are supported any more so your farm id will change – and you will need to purchase a new license for that farm.

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