Chatter for SharePoint 2.6 – Update

Hi Everyone. Just a quick update on the progress of the next release of Chatter for SharePoint. In addition to the previously announced features and improvements I am adding the following:

Poll Creation Support

While the product has had support for answering polls for some time it has not had the ability to create them. Version 2.6 adds this ability. The Poll feed type can be selected from the action menu.

The feed panel will update to display a prompt for the Poll question and up to 10 answers. A minimum of 2 answers are necessary to create a Poll item.

Trending and Recommendations

I’ve also made improvements to the Trending panel – now called the Info Panel. The panel now displays both Trending and Recommendations with a vertical scroll so it saves space.

This should be it for changes. Still expecting version 2.6 to be released by the end of January.


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