On Deck: Chatter for SharePoint 2.4 and other news

Hi Everyone – Happy New Year! It was a busy end-of-year with a lot of companies coming on-board with Chatter for SharePoint – so a big thank you all of you who have chosen my product to enhance your SharePoint collaboration platform.

The next release of Chatter for SharePoint is version 2.4 and it contains the usual bug fixes and improvements. Once significant update is around Comments. Prior to 2.4, only the first 3 comments would be displayed in the web part – with a link to take you into Salesforce to see the rest. I received feedback that this was not an ideal experience so I am pleased to announce that version 2.4 now includes the ability to see all comments in the web part.

Other fixes/improvements were around the authorization process to address a few scenarios. I’ve also added some new configuration parameters to hide some UI elements.

The full list of changes is below:

  • Includes changes to how ‘More Comments’ are handled. Prior to 2.4 if a post had more than 3 comments, the ‘View More Comments’ link would take you into the Salesforce Chatter UI to see the remainder; now the additional comments will load into the web part.
  • Fixes an issue where the returnURL for the ClickOnce Authorizer would not include the full relative path
  • Fixes an issue where the ClickOnce Authorizer would attempt to download on non-Windows devices
  • Fixes an issue with Forms-Based authentication and the acceptable-use acceptance page
  • Added optional UI settings to hide/disable web part functionality

Version 2.4 will be released on or before January 14th.

Right on the heels of that update I am already working on version 2.5 – which will include (among other things) a significant change to the configuration storage. Version 2.5 will move the solution configuration parameters from the web.config file(s) to a Configuration List in SharePoint itself. This will dramatically improve the initial setup process and make it much easier to manage the settings – especially in very large farms.

And finally – Office 365/SharePoint Online. I continue to hear from potential customers how they would like to use my solution – but they have O365. I’ve looked at the possibility of building an O365 compatible solution several times and ruled it out for various reasons. I’ve decided to take a fresh look at it. While it will not be as full-featured as the on-prem solution I think I can offer the basic feed web part functionality in O365. Stay tuned for more on that soon.


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