NEW – SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 Support

Hi Everyone! Many of my SharePoint readers and customers have been inquiring on if (and when) I will be supporting SharePoint 2016. The answer to IF is YES, and the answer to WHEN is NOW! With the release of SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 a few weeks ago I have been busy working to test and update my applications. I am pleased to announce that both Chatter for SharePoint and the Enhanced Document Upload solutions will now install and work on SharePoint 2016 Beta 2.

I fully expect additional changes as we approach RTM for the next version of SharePoint. Some things may break or may need some fine tuning. Future updates will refine the support and enhance the experience when running on 2016. Chatter for SharePoint customers interested in testing 2016 can request an extended evaluation key from me which will be valid for 6 months (or until RTM).

Thank you again to all my customers and readers! If you are looking at SharePoint 2016 I hope you will consider using some of my solutions.

Happy Holidays!


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