16 thoughts on “Multi-Document Upload with Required Fields

    • If by pickup you mean your library has a managed metadata column as a required field then Yes – you can pick a term and all uploaded/selected items will have the same term value.

  1. “When the properties are saved, an event handler fires to apply the common properties to the other uploaded files (indexed in a property bag)…” is this a custom property created from the tool or is this a property SharePoint provides OOTB. If it is an OOTB property, can u please share the name of the property.

      • Thanks for the quick response.. we have a similar requirement but it is different than what the tool does.. please let me know if the property referred is OOTB or custom.

      • As I said – The current version of the EDU does not use a property bag to contain the list of data to change. It is handled internally in the event receiver.

      • No version of the EDU that I published here uses the site property bag method described in the earlier blog post. I’m not sure why this information is relevant.

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