SharePoint Conference 2011

Heading out to the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim next week. Lots of interesting sessions and chances for collaboration. Going to use this new blog to talk about some of the work my team and I have done with SharePoint 2010 for SunGard. We’ve gone full-tilt with customizations and branding of the platform to produce a unique and powerful system for internal collaboration. One of the most interesting features I will be talking about is ‘The Sidebar’ – a persistent, collapsible webpart zone that allows users to maintain personalized content across all pages and sites in the SharePoint farm.

We’ve also designed a number of web parts and features to extend the usefulness of SharePoint. One that I will be talking about is the ‘Multi Document upload with Required Fields’ feature. Normally, when you upload multiple documents that have required metadata fields the documents upload checked-out – then you need to edit the properties one at a time and then check each item in. Huge waste of time. Our solution extends the native multi-document upload mechanism with the ability to set common properties for the documents as you upload them and automatically check them in. We have saved our users countless hours and keystrokes with this enhancement alone.

So look for more on these and other projects soon. And if you are attending the conference, look me up and I will be happy to show you all of the cool things SunGard is doing with SharePoint.

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